Santa Monica College Fully Loaded

Santa Monica College Fully Loaded

The Santa Monica shooting is the latest in an epidemic of rampages plaguing America. Our government is up in arms over banning inanimate objects and looking to point fingers in the incessant blame game.

Do not ban handguns. Ban access to assault rifles and shotguns. Unless you are law enforcement or militia, there is no reason for you to own a weapon of that caliber.

Banning guns in general would only serve the purpose of boosting black market gun sales. Furthermore, making guns inaccessible doesn’t prevent other weapons from being obtained and used to commit violent crimes. We are heading down a slippery slope.

States need to come together and compromise on conceal and carry laws for adults. Had a teacher or principal been allowed to carry a gun on campus, deaths at Sandy Hook, Columbine, and Virginia Tech could have been prevented.

The loopholes in the current system have ultimately led parents to bury their children in coffins, and no parent should have to send their child to an early grave. All of these crimes can be prevented with the proper education and action. Let us take these horrific crimes and learn valuable lessons from them. We can no longer ignore the elephant in the room. We, as a society, need to bear some responsibility and start becoming proactive, not reactive. Let us cease being afraid of intervening; abandon this “it’s not my problem” mentality.

Instead, let us focus on getting these mentally ill individuals off the streets and providing them with proper treatment. Our society is so focused on stigmatizing mental illness; nobody wants to seek help when they are in desperate need. Do not protect someone with an obvious mental illness. Too many attempt to play doctor and self-cure their loved one. Seek help, and if you are afraid you may suffer a mental lapse, do the right thing and contact a therapist.

We need to stop pointing to violent shows, video games, and movies as the cause for increased violence. We are a major portion of the problem, not the solution. Let us cease exacerbating the problem, come together, and protect the country we’ve grown to love. As it stands, America isn’t as safe a nation as it could be. There is potential to decrease the frequency of these crimes or thwart them altogether. The safety of our country is dependent upon each of us as individuals. It’s time to embrace the role of protector and defend America from these horrific acts of violence.

Written By: Weston Lucas

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