Selena confirms split with Justin


Selena confirms split with Justin

After much buzzes, whispers ans humming, it is Selena’s turn to confirm split up with Justin. Justin is already being seen with new arm candies but he never ensured the “Split”. But according to Selena, the ‘Split villa’ is nothing to hide. Now, they are reportedly split up and Selena is the one to spread the news. She just gives it up ans taking extra measures that the ‘break up’ can stick. Seemingly it is not much shocking break up as the lovely-dovely couple was not cosying up together for long. Though, Justin did a “Knight” tattoo for her, it wasn’t enough.

A few days ago when Selena headed to Los Angels people thought it’s to patch up with Justin, but the story turned upside down. Now, she is the one who confirms the split. We hope, she just can’t cope up with new gals Justin takes regularly. Justin’s former lady love fueled the situation.

According to the sources close to Selena, “She’s finally taken some of their advice to heart and swears it’s finally over with him, for good. She doesn’t see herself getting back together with him and just needs to move on”. And it seems, she is quite careful that it’s the final split up; she doesn’t want to patch up again. So, she confirmed the rumors are true; they have split up. Is Selena becoming a lady now from girl? But Justin is not growing up so soon.

 Sources say, “Justin is on a downward spiral and Selena wants nothing to do with it. For a minute she thought she could ‘save him’ which is why they got back together the last time. But she’s over him and his childish behavior.” Actually Justin seems a bit serious about his former lady love to increase Selena’s irritation.

Her closet friend Taylor Swift encourages her to end up the relationship and to keep herself away from Justin, we know why!! And Selenita is quite serious about herself, playing an “endgame” in this case. May be she will have new appointments or heart throbs to share interest with. Justin on the other way may find satisfaction looking at the stars from space station, (may be with some new bee). This not-so-shocking split up finally came to daylight erasing all shadows and confusions.

Now we have to wait to watch with whom Selena hooks up and who becomes Justin’s next flame. Justin was recently seen with a blonde sweetie spending beach holiday. Sources can’t confirm if she is the next or not. For now Selena- Justin split up is confirmed. There is no “Jelena” to talk about.

Still, there will be some remnants of relationship. When they started up, it was gala day of gossips, paparazzi and Hollywood. But the relationship was smooth and rocky at times; but slowly the road became too rocky to rock. Having confirmed the split with Justin, Selena established the normal mode of Hollywood, where relationships are made to be broken!!

Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul


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