Seven Reasons You Should Stop Worrying About Kim and Her Baby


Kim Kardashian and Kayne West received much attention since she became pregnant. Paparazzi always chased her to click either a very pregnant Kim Kardashian or her expectant bodycon dresses. Kim’s fertility figure even got immortalized by a king-sized statue to shout out loud! Now, it’s time you should stop worrying about Kim and baby.

So, after much pain and tears, Kim Kardashian has finally given birth to daughter with boyfriend Kayne West on Saturday morning. So, the new born baby will surely be the new clan of the Kardashian gang. And one thing for sure, her name will begin with “K”, for both for Kim and Kayne, sources said. As for now, mom and baby are in perfect condition and doing really well. Latest reports say Kim is already in love with her girl.

But truly it is nobody’s business if they are perfect or not. Who are you to worry for them? No One! There are other celebs with juicy gossip to tantalize your tongue with new spices. You just don’t stick to same good old boring Kim Kardashian outfits, her popped up belly, her rapper boyfriend or other family members; you are obviously not paparazzi to make money out of it.  Start keeping up with new things yet to be explored.

And there are proper reasons why you should stop being concerned about her, worrying for her figure and click news headlines to know about her.

1) You don’t need to keep latest updates of Kim Kardashian, either of her latest relationship or what her baby is doing. And stop worrying whether she loses weight after childbirth or not. You need to be slim and healthy.  It’s up to Kim if she decides to lose weight or not.

2) You are free human being and you should not go for “Keeping Up with Kardashians”. So, stop counting  her sisters and their boyfriends. They don’t respect their privacy and you should not be the one to raise their TRP.

3) Hollywood is replete with shimmering gossips and new couples, so you’ll never be out of option. Selena searches her new man, Miley keeps on-off relation with Liam, (and spends spare time with Justin Bieber) while Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher plans to tie the knot!!

4) Today Kim says, Kayne is her soul mate but you know “desires have lives of their own”. So, you don’t need to brood over a broken relationship. None forgot her rocky marriage with Kris.

5) Kim has forgotten to carry her outfits and she doesn’t seem to remember it quickly. So, stop following her or you may fall into ‘fashion faux’. None should buy the bodycons she used to wear during pregnancy.

6) Her baby girl has just been born and will make much ado in following days. If you go on following those, you may miss important news. It’s none of your business what her name is, whom she resembles or when she makes public appearance. Don’t waste your time. Give a little bit time to Channing Tatum’s daughter!

7) Don’t forget, Kim Kardashian is famous for being famous. She will keep no stones unturned to be in the limelight. And one should not chase a celeb having nothing to show off. Some videos made her famous and she hasn’t looked back since then. Paparazzi made her a walking princess. So, don’t get cajoled. There are other talented celebs to look after.

So, stop worrying for Kim Kardashian and her new born baby. You have already wasted much time on “Pregnant Kim Kardashian” stealing from your work Now, take a pause and go for something better. Hollywood is waiting for you.


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

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