Syria a new warfare is coming

Russian S-300 long-range missiles

The Syrian regime confirmed that Russia has supplied the first shipment of anti aircraft missiles, and Israel warned that it is preparing for intensified warfare in the Middle East.

The Syrian opposition announced it would not attend a peace conference prearranged by the Obama Administration. The Syrian war that is rapidly shifting across it borders dashed hopes of a ceasefire agreement.

Israel will defend its borders, and the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to target the Russian S-300 long-range missiles sent to Syria, which he describes as offence weapons. This comes after the Syrian Army, with the help of Hezbollah militants took control of the Dakar air base after the fighting between rebels continued in the town of Quasar, near the border with Lebanon. The rebels have controlled this town for over a year, and use it to transport supplies. It would be a severe setback if lost.

Speaking at the conclusion of a five-day civil defense drill that simulated missile attacks from Syria, the Israel Prime minister said Israel, “must prepare defensively and offensively for the new-era of warfare.” He raised concerns about the Israeli home front being more accessible to the enemy.

The dictator President Bashar of Syria told the Lebanese network that he was in possession of the first shipment of missiles from Russia. He warned Israel to stay away from the missiles. This new move makes is difficult for Israel to strike targets inside of Syria. The Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem confirmed over a Lebanon TV report that if Israel strikes Syria again, they would retaliate immediately.

Pleas to Russia from both the United States and Israel not to deliver the missiles to Syria have been refused. Russia maintains the missiles would stabiles the regional balance. Meanwhile, the United States and Israel continue to support the rebels in the hope of moving closer to a peaceful political transition.

The rebels want American weapons and do not understand why America is not helping. A worrying factor for the Obama Administration, who supply medical and food aid to the rebels, is that of the weapons falling into the wrong hands. The US Senator John McCain said he is confident that the distribution of weapons would help the right people.

The influx of Hezbollah fighters and more Iranians into that region caused the activities of Bashar to intensify. Attacks directly aimed at Lebanon could be a reality as the treat of the opposition armed forces to launch an attack against them, if the Hezbollah fighters to do pull out of Syria soon.

Nations across the Middle East are being drawn into the Syrian war, and this conflict poses a great risk of a wider war throughout that region. As the war increases and intensifies in Syria, it could place world powers against each other. The war in Syria is clearly an issue of the two main branches of Islam – Sunni and Shiite Muslims. As the conflict continues, it becomes a desperate situation causing differences between the world powers.

Israel a firm supporter of the revels and striving for peace in that area, will know what to do as they continue to plan a new warfare against Syria.

Written by Laura Oneale

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