Texas: Officer Involved in Shooting on 3600 Bolivar

Texas: Officer Involved in Shooting on 3600 Bolivar

Due to numerous robberies occurring in the area of 9800 Brockbank Drive, Northwest Deployment officers were working in the area in an effort to apprehend the suspects. On May 31, 2013 at approximately 10pm, Senior Corporal Brendan Gadomski, #8578, working in a covert capacity, was parked watching a convenience store in an open field near 9800 Brockbank Drive. Senior Corporal Gadomski observed a gray Ford Taurus stop in a parking lot occupied by two Latin females and one Latin male.

The Latin male, who had been driving the vehicle, popped the trunk and the Latin female that was seated in the rear passenger seat, exited and raised the trunk to its maximum height. A short time later, Suspect Jose Acosta Serrano ran across the field, jumped into the trunk and the Latin female closed the trunk, got back into the vehicle and they drove away. Senior Corporal Gadomski broadcast over the radio he was behind some possible robbery suspects and provided a suspect description, vehicle description and direction of travel.

The suspects drove through the neighborhood with Senior Corporal Gadomski following covertly and providing directions via the radio. Shortly thereafter a robbery that just occurred at 9834 Boockbank Drive was broadcast and Senior Corporal Gadomski radioed that he was behind the suspects from that robbery. The suspects drove into the apartment complex at 3600 Bolivar Drive and the three suspects that were inside the vehicle fled on foot, leaving Suspect Acosta Serrano in the trunk. At that moment Suspect Acosta Serrano exited the trunk of the Ford Taurus holding a gun.

Senior Corporal Gadomski broadcast his location and exited his vehicle wearing his clearly marked Dallas Police raid jacket, drew his duty weapon and began loudly yelling “Dallas Police drop the gun!” Suspect Acosta Serrano ran toward a dumpster, briefly disappeared then reappeared as he was climbing a fence. Senior Corporal Gadomski continued yelling “Dallas Police drop the gun!” Suddenly Suspect Acosta Serrano turned while standing on top of the fence, pointed the gun and fired at Senior Corporal Gadomski. Fearing for his life, Senior Corporal Gadomski returned fire, but Suspect Acosta Serrano continued over the fence and disappeared.

Additional officers arrived, searched for Suspect Acosta Serrano and it was discovered he had forced his way into an uninvolved person’s apartment. SWAT was called to the location and the situation was treated as a barricaded person. Prior to SWAT’s arrival Suspect Acosta Serrano allowed the occupants of the apartment to leave, but he remained inside. SWAT handled the barricaded person and Suspect Acosta Serrano was taken into custody.

A 45 caliber handgun was recovered inside the apartment where Suspect Acosta Serrano was hiding. The handgun was reported stolen during an unauthorized use of a motor vehicle on October 16, 1994, service #873724-C. Suspect Acosta Serrano will be charged with the following offenses he committed May 31, 2013: Aggravated Robbery/Carjacking (this was the suspect vehicle he was in) – 2332 W. NW Hwy 135916-A; Aggravated Robbery – Texas Grocery 2042 W. NW Hwy 135839-A; Aggravated Robbery – Stop and Buy 9834 Brockbank 135869-A; Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer 136044-A; and one count of Unlawful Restraint 3629 Almazan 136131-A; Hold Dallas County Juvenile Court/Failure to Appear.

No officers, suspects or citizens were injured during this incident.

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