The Purge number one at the box office (video)


The Purge, a thriller from Universal Pictures and Jason Blum, shocked everyone on Friday by coming in number one at the box office with a strong &16.7 million. At that rate, it’s set to be the weekend’s top grosser, with a projected overall take of $38.4 million.

That’s pretty good, especially for a movie that had a shoestring budget by today’s standards and cost a measly $3 million to make. It’s already made that and more, mostly through midnight showings of the flick, and looks to be the earliest surprise box office hit of the summer.

The Purge is about a future America where all  crimes,  even murder, are legal one night of the year.

The movie’s plot involves one family who tries to save the object of a vicious group of people who  want to murder a particular man.

The family allows him into their house, offering him asylum, but the murderous and masked crowd still desires to kill him, and a spokesman for the crowd demands that the family turn him over to them.

Failure to do so will result in the blood-lust filled group’s killing everyone in the entire family.

Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey portray the family’s wealthy parents. They  try to protect themselves and their children when the intruders break into their home to kill the man they’re seeking to protect. The crowd also now wants to kill the family for not turning the man over to them.

It’s a  violence-filled flick. The family which aids the crowd’s intended victim is forced to confront their own animalistic natures and recognize truths about themselves.

As an audience, we are also confronted with our own animalistic natures. What is it about horror movies and thrillers which depict people getting murdered that draws our attention to them like moths to a flame? What lengths would you go to in protecting your life and your family if it was threatened?

Just because a movie raises questions about ethics and morality and causes us to examine our own long-held ideas about what’s right and wrong doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a cinematic masterpiece, though.

The Purge is from the producers of both Paranormal Activity and Sinister. If you saw and liked those movies, you will likely be pumped to see The Purge.

Is The Purge any good? Is it worth your hard-earned money to watch it?

While many of the preliminary reviews for it are bad, and slam it for its use of thriller movie cliches among other failings, those sorts of reviews are par for the course for most movies in this genre.

Film reviews have ranged from saying that The Purge is everything from being an astute commentary on America’s predisposition for violence to its being an exploitative celebration of brutality.

The Purge is from writer-director James DeMonaco, and stars Ethan Hawke and the Game of Thrones actress, Lena Headey.

The film received a C CinemaScore, but that’s about the grade that most horror/thriller flicks receive, if not worse.

Check out the video from The Purge below, to give you a taste of what the flick’s about.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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