The Voice Final Five decided tonight


The Voice (NBC, 7:00 p,m. ET) whittles down their competitors to the Final Five tonight. Of the six remaining, the voters of America have decided that one will go, and only five will carry on to next week. The answer as to who the Final Five will be will be revealed tonight on The Voice.

Monday night viewers got the chance to see some of the best highlights of the season thus far, with standout performances by the competitors, especially the women.

Danielle Barberry, Holly Tucker, Sasha Allen, Michelle Chamuel and Amber Carrington shone with both the songs they selected and the ones the judges chose.

However, Holly Tucker (Team Blake), opening with “God Fearing Women Get the Blues,” was not to Usher’s liking. He slammed her, saying “it was not a particularly good performance.”

I enjoyed listening to her second song, “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts, and thought she did a better job with it than the original singers. But, Shakira knocked it, and said of her singing that she was “most of the time in tune.”

I liked Holly’s performances, but I feel that of the competitors hwo are left, she is the most likely for America to send home, based upon the criticism of Usher and Shakira.

Sixteen-year-old Danielle Barberry’s (Team Blake) two songs were Pam Tillis’ “Shake the Sugar Tree” and “A Little Bit Stronger” by Sara Evans. She was great, and I considered her performances two of the highlights of Monday night’s episode.

I loved Sasha Allen’s (Team Shakira) two performances, as well. She first sang Aretha Franklin’s “Ain’t No Way” and followed it later with “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood.

Usher called her “Sasha Fierce” because of the fierce performance she gave, like Beyonce. Shakira agreed, and the other judges and audience really liked her two performances. She ripped her dress off during the second song.

Michelle Chamuel of Team Usher was another of my faves. She gave two remarkable performances, singing “Somewhere Only We Know: and “Trouble” by Taylor Swift. I particularly loved her second song of the night. I think she is a shoe-in to move on to next week.

Amber Carrington was smokin’ with her two songs, and the judges and audience were putty in her hands. She sang I’ll Remember You” by Skid Row and her second tune was the Patsy Cline standard, “Crazy.” I loved them both, and believe she will also remain until at least next week.

The Swon Brothers gave two solid performances, singing “Wagon Wheel” by Darius Rucker and “Okie from Musogee” by Merl Haggard. Of the two performances, I liked the latter better.

Who will be sent home tonight? Your guess is as good as mine, if not better. It should be another great episode, so be sure to tune in and watch!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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