The Voice Final Three Revealed (Review)


Anticipation was running high right from the very start of the hour-long episode of The Voice (NBC) on Tuesday. That’s because, along with listening to the remaining five competitors sing some fantastic music, we also got to see the final three competitors revealed.

The Voice opened with the rock group  Fall Out Boy singing  “My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark” with Michelle Chamuel.

Fall Out Boy and Michelle rocked out, though I mainly just wanted to have the show move on to find out which three competitors would be revealed as the ones who would move on to the Finals next week.

Then after a commercial break, Nicolas David, a contestant from Season 3, sang his latest song,”Say Goodbye.”

I’m new to The Voice — this is my first season to watch it — but, from what I’ve heard, Nicholas is sporting some new facial hair.

After “Say Goodbye,” there was a brief bit where we got to see the judges and contestants joke about Adam Levine’s tattoos, one of them saying that they had seen Adam without his tattoos, and that they were really fake.

Host Carson Daly asked Sasha how her life would change if she won. She said that she “just wanted more doors opened” for her kids. She seemed humbled by the entire experience.

Then, Daly revealed that the first competitor “saved” was Michelle Chamuel. The audience went wild, cheering for her. It was perhaps a fairly obvious “save,” but that didn’t make me any less happy to see Michelle make it to the Finals.

Another competitor from last season, Tony Lucca, sang his song “Never Gonna Let You Go.” He did a great job of singing it, though I really don’t know much about Lucca at all, not having seen The Voice Season 3.

After the commercial break, all five remaining contestants of The Voice sang “Every Rose has its Thorn” by Poison. The Swon Brothers sang the first line of the song, they each sang parts of it individually and the chorus together.

It was filler material, just like the past contestants plugging their latest songs; but, it was a solid rendition of this now iconic rock tune.

Carson asked Danielle what she learned about herself. She said she learned a lot, “especially about her confidence.” She also said she “was so honored to be on the show.”

Then Daly revealed the second finalist who would move on to next week: Danielle Bradberry. Again, no shock — if she hadn’t moved on, that’s when I would have been very surprised.

Carson introduced the next performer, Terry McDermott, from Scotland. He also was a past competitor on The Voice. He sang “Pictures” which went to #1 on the iTunes Rock chart.

As with the prior “saves,” soon after a commercial break, Carson announced the last finalist to move on: The Swon Brothers!

That was a surprise to me, though they are excellent performers. I had picked them with Amber Carrington to be the Final Two competitors of The Voice Season 4. Still, they had barely hung on the episode when Holly Tucker got voted out, so I was surprised that they made it to the Finals.

The two that will not be moving on to next week are Sasha Allen and Amer Carrington, who are both great performers. I wish them a successful career, and I’m sure they will go on and make hit records.

Hmmm….at least I have one pick still in the running….

I didn’t think that I would be surprised when the Final Three competitors of The Voice Season 4 were revealed, but I stand corrected.

Written by: Douglas Cobb


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