The Voice Five Becomes Three (Preview and Videos)


Tuesday on The Voice the final five become three as two more competitors will be voted out by the decision of America’s voters. One or more of the judges will lose the team members he or she has left, and will not be able to eventually lay bragging rights on coaching the winning team.

The five competitors left gave outstanding performances last night, leaving it up for grabs as to which two will be voted from The Voice tonight and which three will progress onward.

Last night, I had thought before the show that there was no way that The Swon Brothers would be able to continue on until next week, although I had previously chosen them to be one of the final two.

With their strong performances, like on “Danny’s Song” and especially — in my opinion — their take on Bob Seger’s song, “Turn the Page” — they may make it to the finals, after all.

Here is The Swon Brothers singing “Danny’s Song.” I am including the videos of the second songs of each of the competitors, so you can vote for them if they’re your favorite one.

The other competitors were pretty incredible, though, and Monday night was packed with highlights galore. That has likely made the decisions of voters a difficult one, as each of the contestants who still survive are definitely talented and worthy of moving on.

Sasha Allen’s two performances showcased her tremendous talent as she paid homage to Whitney Houston and Donna Summers. She sang the song written by Dolly Parton and made famous by her and Whitney, “I Will Always Love You,” and Summers’ disco hit, “Bad Girls.”

Michelle Chamuel, a fan favorite of many, had another great night, singing “Clarity” by Zed and “Time After Time” by Cindy Lauper.

I think that Michelle is a shoe-in to progress to next week’s episode. She has consistently performed well, and last week earned the 10x vote multiplier by making it to the Top Ten iTunes list.

Danielle Bradberry, 16, also has a powerful voice, and she might just be the youngest one ever to make it the the finals of The Voice.

Her first song of the night was Tim McGraw’s “Please Remember Me” and her second one was “Who I Am” by Jessica Andrew. Of these two performances, though Danielle was fantastic singing both, I preferred “Who I Am.”

As she sang it, a larger-than-life-sized scrapbook flipped pages behind her, showing photos and important moments of he life. I thought that was pretty cool, and went with her song choice very well.

Amber Carrington was another of my picks to make it to the finals, and her two performances on Monday did nothing to change my mind — she gave magnificent performances of both.

Her first song was “Firework” by Kay Perry and the second was “Sad” by Maroon 5. She blew both out of the water, and it seemed as if she really touch Adam Levine, her coach, with her awesome rendition of his song. He, of course, is the lead singer o=f Maroon 5, as well as being a judge on The Voice.


Get your last-minute votes in! I am looking forward to tonight’s The Voice, and I bet all of you are, too!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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