The Voice Top Five Fight for Their Lives (Review)


The Voice (June 10, 2013, NBC) Top Five competitors left were in a fight for their musical lives tonight to stay on and get the chance to compete in the semi-finals next week.

First off, Usher sang his current hit, “Twisted.” He got tonight’s episode of The Voice off to a really great start.

Next, the first competitors up were The Swon Brothers (Team Blake).  They had to rock out and prove themselves worthy to stay on, after coming close to being cut last week. They did just that with a fantastic performance of “Turn the Page” by Bob Seger.  By kicking ass on that one song, they may very well have bought themselves a ticket to the semi-finals round.

Usher said: “You guys did an incredible job.”

Sasha Allen’s first song was Dolly Parton/Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” It was a bold choice that Shakira made for her, but Sasha owned this iconic song and made it her own.

Violinists and a woman playing a gigantic harp accompanied Sasha as she sang this emotional song. Sasha reminded me of Whitney at her best, at the heights of her long musical career. The judges clapped along with the audience as she finished the song.

Then, Michelle Chamuel (Team Usher), a favorite of many to win it all, sang her first song of the night.  There were psychedelic, swirling lights behind her as she sang “Clarity” by German electronic producer  Zedd.

Michelle just keeps giving strong performances, and this one was no exception. However, the other contestants also have awesome voices, so it will be a difficult choice for America to make as to who to cut from The Voice.

Danielle Bradberry, 16 (Team Blake), is the youngest performer to ever make it this far on The Voice.  She is amazing, and it could be the final episode of The Voice Season 4 just might come down to her and Michelle Chamuel.

Danielle sang “Please Remember Me,” by Tim McGraw. It was a terrific rendition, and she had the audience in the palms of her hands. If she and Michelle don’t make it to the next round, something’s seriously messed up somewhere in America’s voting decisions.

Usher said: “You were amazeballs,” which I am guessing was his way of saying that she her performance was amazing.

“Firework” by Katy Perry was the first song that Amber Carrington (Team Adam) sang. Amber’s voice is also extremely powerful, and will be tough for anyone to knock out of the competition.

I chose her and The Swon Brothers to make it to the final episode of this season,  around two weeks ago or so; but, someone has to be voted off — I have the feeling that it might be The Swon Brothers, despite their strong performances tonight, just by the process of elimination. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, though — who knows?

Adam said of her performance “You can actually do anything,” meaning he thought she could sing any sort of song brilliantly.

The Swon Brothers’ second song was “Danny’s Song” by Kenny Loggins. Adam said it was one of his favorite songs growing up, and he actually recognized it, while he hadn’t recognized some of the other songs the duo had sang in past episodes.

Though they did very good on this tune, I liked their version of “Turn the Page” better. The brother who played the piano jammed on it, and I was impressed by his terrific playing ability.

Sasha Allen’s second song was the Donna Summer disco hit, “Bad Girls.” She sang it with style and attitude, like she does with every song she sings. While disco is not my favorite musical genre, Sasha performed this song very well, and I’d be surprised if she didn’t make it to the semi-finals.

Sasha’s name was in huge red neon lights behind her, and the backup singers and dancers were a great added touch to her performance. Shakira even stood up and danced along with Sasha by her judge’s chair.

Adam said: “That was like the ’70’s,” while Usher said, “You’re just so incredible.”

Shakira said of Sasha’s performance that “With a little bit of guidance and a lot of work you have become this phenomenal performer.”

Next, Danielle Bradberry sang her second song of the night, “Who I Am” by Jessica Andrews.  Again, her performance shone, and she sang way beyond her years.

Usher said of her: “You’re such a little star and the cutest thing ever,” and Blake said: “She’s every bit the girl you hope she is” and “She’s a star — a superstar.”

Amber Carrington sang “Sad” by Maroon 5 for her second song of the night. Adam, the lead singer of Maroon 5, closed his eyes as he listened, entranced by her beautiful voice. You could tell he was really getting into it.

Usher said of her performance: “Congratulations. I’m really blown away,” while Adam said: “It took about 20 minutes to write it,” and “I’m so overjoyed right now.”

Michelle Chamuel’s second song of the evening was Cindy Lauper’s “Time After Time.” Michelle dedicated it to her coach, Usher. She sang the heck out of it, and it was yet another highlight of the episode.

Shakira said: “You are without a doubt one of my favorites of the competition,” and Adam agreed, saying: “You’re amazing.”

Usher said of her: “My God — you’re the winner,” and “You are medicine for the whole world.”

The Top Five who are left in this fight for their musical lives are all spectacular performers.

I like The Swon Brothers and they just might have saved themselves for yet another week with their strong performances, but if they do, I am not sure who would be sent home in their places.

That’s why I will make my prediction that they will be the next competitors to be voted off The Voice — not because they gave lousy performances, but because the rest of the field is just so strong, and someone has to go.

Whoever the other competitor might be that America votes off the show to reach the Final Three that will move on to next week, I haven’t the foggiest idea.


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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