Thyroid Cancer’s Multi-dimensional Solutions

thyroid cancer multi-dimensional solutions
Thyroid Cancer is fairly rare, when it comes to diagnosed cancers in this country, though numbers are rising. There have already been 60,220 new cases of thyroid cancer found this year, since January 1, 2013. Thyroid cancer, like other cancers, is not dependent solely on genes and predispositions, it is a multi-dimensional problem demanding an equally diverse look at solutions.

When faced with a thyroid cancer diagnosis, most people are informed that surgery is their only option, followed by thyroid medication that they will take for the rest of their lives. This does not have to be the case. Before we delve into the possible solutions for this life-altering situation, let us look at the reasons why one may contract such an ailment.

So many factors at play.

To know the cause for dis-eases in the body such as cancer, we must look at the whole life of a person, as so many elements come into play and affect our health.  Genes and family pre-dispositions do not guarantee risk, they only inform us of the framework with which we are working.  There are many other factors at play that can over-ride genetics and must be taken into consideration when hoping to turn around a serious diagnosis.

Starting before we are born, when we are in the womb of our mother, the type of nutrients, emotional security and potential toxins that were shared with us, build a foundation on which we come into this world.  If we had a loving, nurturing experience pre-birth, we come into this world not only feeling supported, but actually better equipped to handle the stresses of this reality.  If, on the other hand, we were exposed to toxins while developing, and if our mother was under high amounts of stress or emotional upset, nutrition was not adequate and love was absent from the picture, we will enter the world feeling much more vulnerable, and our immune systems will reflect this, according to studies.

After the womb, comes the actual birthing process.  Much of what contributes to the formation of any illness later in life actually stems from birth trauma experienced upon entry into this Earth plane.  Babies who endure longer than 13 hours of labor are more likely to experience health issues later in life.  Cranial bones can be compressed during birthing and then remain in their compressed state for the life of that person, greatly affecting their quality of life.  Infant cranial-sacral therapy is designed to relax the compressed cranial bones and allow for the proper flow of cerebral spinal fluid, affecting the health of the spine and the brain. Adults can likewise receive this treatment to assist in healing birthing trauma still stored in the muscles, tissues and bones.

Another factor is vaccinations.  Children given vaccinations before they are two years old are more at risk for experiencing immune disorders in life, as the immune system does not develop until 2 years old.  People who receive vaccinations are statistically more likely to develop arthritis, autism and cancer later in life.  One out of 100 unvaccinated children develop arthritis verses one out of five vaccinated kids.  One out 15,000 unvaccinated youngsters develop autism, verses one out of 130 vaccinated.  With cancer, the numbers are one out of 100 for the unvaccinated and one out of every three children who receive vaccinations will end up with some type of cancer later in life.

We have to understand that our whole life predisposes us to  illness or protects us from such.  Beyond our youth, the way we eat, the emotions we process or don’t process, the exercise we do or don’t get, the love we receive or lack, the thoughts we have, the environment we live it – all contribute to the health of our bodies.  Think of our beings as accumulating positive or negative points that equal the results we experience as health or illness.

If we have a loving gestational period, we begin with a positive; but if our birthing experience was traumatic, we may bring that score back to zero or negate it – starting us off with a negative life health score.  Say, then, we are vaccinated and bottle fed – which professionals agree leaves you at a higher risk for many childhood illnesses.  Again, additional negative points.  In your more vulnerable negative health state, you would be more open or likely to developing ear infections, a common childhood problem, which then – if treated with the usual antibiotics – leave you open to a continuation of immune distress and further health risks.

We could go on and on like this for the duration of someone’s life including emotional abuse, the standard American diet full of processed foods, hormone rich milk and meat products, pesticide residues on our fruits and vegetables and hours of television.  Minus, minus, minus.  If you have no outlet to talk about your feelings, vent or receive support for the myriad of issues that come up during a persons development, you are again, left vulnerable in all ways, compromising your immune system and other vital bodily processes.

The positive answer

Even if your childhood wasn’t ideal, and you find yourself today, in a negative health score – it’s not too late.  Adjusting your diet, addressing your emotional needs and cleansing your body systems can all greatly improve your health and even reverse serious conditions like thyroid cancer.  As we have discussed, the development of any illness, like thyroid cancer, is multi-dimensional and requires approaching solutions from a myriad of different angles, not just one.

We could all benefit from thinking of ourselves as whole beings – comprised of bodies, emotions, thoughts, learned patterns of belief and behavior as well as genetic information.  No one of these is responsible for our health or wellness, they are all equal contributors in the equation that is our well-being.  Exercise as well as quieting of the mind in practices such as meditation have an extremely powerful effect on the whole body-mind complex.  Taking time to visualize yourself whole and healthy is an effective addition to any health regimen.  Choosing foods free of pesticides, hormones, chemicals and processed sugar can also improve your health score greatly.

In the face of thyroid cancer, it is important to address your whole being, not just the gland.  Yoga is an excellent way to bring all of the endocrine glands back into balance. Sweating is excellent for detoxing your system and removing unwanted toxins from the lymphatics. Green drinks and freshly juiced fruits and vegetables will cleanse and purify your blood and organs, assisting you in finding equilibrium again.  The thyroid needs iodine in the proper quantities.  Supplementing your diet with sea vegetables such as kelp, seaweed, dulse and algae, while removing negative iodine intake from table salt is a great way to support your thyroid.  (See Salt article)

Before starting on any medical program for thyroid cancer, explore all the angles and include all areas of your being into the process.  See the link for Curezone at the bottom of this page for more details on healing thyroid cancer naturally through cleansing and other practices.  Remember, you are a multi-dimensional being, you are not a body only.  As a multi-dimensional being experiencing the expression of thyroid cancer you have the opportunity to find a wide range of supportive mulit-layered solutions.  You are not your disease, you are experiencing it.  Allow this process to be one of rediscovering the greatness of who you are and the powerful healing and alignment you are capable of.  Sometimes life hands us challenges because we are ready to rise to the occasion and extract the growth that comes with making it through.

Here’s to your health.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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