Tony Parker Puts Out the Miami Heat

Tony ParkerSan Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker led the way on Thursday as he and his teammates put out the Miami Heat in game one of the NBA Finals by a score of 92-88.

According to ESPN, Parker led the way for the Spurs as he scored 21 points 6 assists and 2 steals. Also, Spurs power forward Tim Duncan put in another strong effort as he scored 20 points 14 rebounds 4 assists and 3 blocks. The more important note is how they won the game.

For most of the game the Spurs trailed the Heat. At halftime they were down by a score of 52-49 and entered the fourth quarter down 72-69.

Then Parker came to life as he led the way in the fourth quarter to a Spurs win. Also, it was Parker that sealed the victory for the Spurs. With :05 seconds left Parker hit a 16-foot shot that increased the Spurs lead to four by a score of 92-88.

That would be the final score of the game as Heat guard Dwayne Wade missed a last second layup.

I’ll admit it, I’m glad that the Spurs won and I hope the win the NBA Championship. What Heat players Wade, Lebron James and Chris Bosch did was absolutely cheap. Also, it was a slap in the face to everyone in the sports world.

What those three did in conspiring together to build a potential multiple NBA Championship team was cheap and insult to the very fabric of what America was built on.

Our country was founded by people who wanted a better life than they had in Europe. Settlers came here rebuilt their lives with blood, sweat and hard work. Also, were told that we been told by our parents and other adult that if you want it bad enough and work hard enough you can accomplish anything.

That is the very reason why former Chicago Bulls guard Michael Jordan and former Los Angeles Lakers guard Magic Johnson were so great. They wanted to be great so much that they worked their tail off and they expected that from their teammates.

Both Jordan and Johnson were modest. They were never brash; they showed respect to the game and their opponents. Also, they never went out and made arrogant statements like they are going to win six NBA Championships like James did.

All season long the Heat was playing with fire. So, I’m relishing the way the Spurs won Thursday.

Time and time again the Heat would be down by double digits. Then in the fourth quarter they would show up and win the game. Ironically, it was reversed today as the Heat held the lead all game long and eventually lost as Parker put out the Heat.

That right there shows you all you need to know about the Heat.

That is they are cocky group of players that think they can show up and do what they want whenever they want. The Spurs showed them Thursday that they cannot do that to them.

lSo, here is to the Parker and the Spurs for putting out the Heat.

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