Tulisa Contostavlos United Kingdom X Factor Former Judge On Drugs Charge

Tulisa Contostavlos X Factor judge on drugs charge
Tulisa Contostavlos the United Kingdom’s X Factor former judge and singer from the show has been arrested on a drugs charge.

The 24 year-old former X Factor judge was bailed after her arrest on suspicion of supplying class A drugs. The former judge on the popular music competition show created by Simon Cowell, had been accused of the crime by a United Kingdom newspaper who claimed that she had introduced their reporter to a drug dealer.

The paper also alleges that the drug dealer that Tulisa had introduced the reporter to, then sold half an ounce of cocaine to them at London’s Dorchester Hotel.

At this point Tulisa’s management have declined to comment on the arrest or the charge.

The London Metropolitan Police have not confirmed whether or not the X Factor judge had been arrested. Their report states that, “Officers from Westminster have arrested two people – a 35-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman – on suspicion of supplying class-A drugs.”

The 35-year-old who was arrested and bailed along with Tulisa is a rapper called Mike GLC. The rapper spoke to media outside the Belgravia Police station in Central London. He said, “We are innocent. We haven’t been charged.” The rapper also added that any evidence caught on camera had been “taken out of context” and the duo were “set up”.

During his statement to the media, Mike GLC also said, “Anyone can edit or chop things together on video.” “The truth will come out in the end. I don’t want to go into much more detail, the rapper added.

As the 35 year-old rapper finished talking with the reporters outside the police station he said, “I am going home to be with my family. This is ruining my life. I am not a drug dealer. I have never sold drugs in my life.”

The very fact that the rapper was there with the former judge on the United Kingdom X Factor television show, will make it a bit difficult for him to declare his innocence on the drugs charge especially after Tulisa Contostavlos told the United Kingdom newspaper – The Sun – that she could help get him in touch with her dealer. She allegedly said, “Half my phone book sells it. Of course I can get it for you. Half the guys I know are drug dealers.”

It looks like however he pleads, Mike GLC has been caught up into the old “guilt by association” rap, although the police have not given out the names of who they actually arrested.

As well as confirming that a “man and a woman” had been arrested on suspicion of dealing a class A drug, they also confirmed that the two people had been bailed, pending further inquires until a date has been set later in July.

Tulisa Contostavlos told her fans recently via her Twitter account that she would no longer be sitting as a judge on ITV’s The X Factor. She also tweeted, “I’d like to thank everyone on The X Factor for two amazing years.”

Before joining The X Factor, the 24 year-old singer rose to fame with the band N-Dubz. She and the other two members of the band, her friends Dappy and Fazer, had hits with singles including Morning Star, Girls and Best Behaviour.

The former X Factor judge has had quite a lot of publicity recently when her private life was featured in all the tabloid newspapers with allegations of a “leaked” sex tape and Tulisa’s response on the Google site YouTube where she made a statement about the alleged tape.

At the time, Tulisa described the whole ordeal of the leaked tape as being “devastating”. No doubt, the sex tape will, most probably, take the back seat to the most recent private news of the troubled singer. At least the most recent tabloid headlines will be Tulisa Contostavlos United Kingdom X Factor former judge on drugs charge, although you can be sure that the sex tape will find its way into the article of the story.

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