Vince Vaughn Owen Wilson an Onscreen Bromance

Vince Vaughn Owen Wilson an onscreen Bromance
Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson a great example of an “onscreen bromance.” These guys have gotten back together after their last journey together as two woman hungry men who crashed weddings to meet emotionally vulnerable women in the 2005 film Wedding Crashers.

Now the two onscreen buddies are back as a different kind of crasher. The two stars play men who have just lost their sales jobs and they decide to “crash” Google and win themselves internships form the company.

Not surprisingly, the guys have the same magical chemistry that was evident in Wedding Crashers.

Offscreen the two men have an even better chemistry. One that works so well for the two of them that they definitely fall into the “bromance” category.

Owen Wilson responded to a question about how their offscreen relationship and he immediately went into a spiel about Vaughn avoiding him on the set between takes.

Wilson said, “A lot of times I’d go up to talk to Vince and I’d want to kind of catch up and shoot the breeze, and maybe crack some jokes, and he was always just buried in his computer. And then one time I noticed that it wasn’t turned on, it was just when I was coming up. So I didn’t know what to make of that.”

Like a well oiled comedy act, Vaughn came right back with his witty reposte, “It’s called I’m looking for some downtime, I don’t need to hear the same story again, you know what I mean? That’s the thing with Owen that I love is his stories will start always in different ways, but the endings are consistent, which is: That’s why I win. So no matter where the stories start, I never get nervous because the last page is always: That’s why I win.”

So after listening to both Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson an onscreen bromance seems to also be an offscreen one. The men are very simpatico in the area of comedy. They both seem to know and agree on what is funny and what isn’t.

Another thing that both men agree on without the comedy double act, well almost, is their kids. Both men have children about the same age; although, Vaughn is waiting for another addition to his family.

Wilson and Vaughn loved having their kids on set. Wilson said about it, “It did kind of give you a good feeling just seeing the kids running around.”

Although both men loved having their children there, they don’t follow the same philosophies about parenting. Vaughn explained, “Owen is like it’s important to tell the kid they’re great and give them confidence. Where I feel like you throw them in the pool and it’s going to go one way or the other.”

That both men find each other hilarious was on display when a journalist visited them during a recent visit to Google’s Northern California headquarters. While the two were being interviewed they repeatedly “cracked each other up.”

43 year old Vaughn and 44 year-old Wilson are like two comically inclined peas in a pod. They jsut naturally make each other laugh.

It may well be that the two actors hope that their children develop just as much of a bond as they have. Although Vince has a daughter and Owen a son, there is still the chance for a comic Karma to develop between the two offspring.

Of course as the children get older, the possibility of a romance could threaten Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s onscreen bromance as well as their obvious offscreen one. But we think that both of them would appreciate the humour if just such a situation came up.

By Michael Smith