Warren Edward Buffett Stop Pampering the Filthy Rich

Billionaire wanted to pay more taxes


Warren Buffett filthy richWarren Edward Buffett was ranked in March of this year as the fourth billionaire on the Forbes world’s billionaire list. His net worth is around $53.5 billion. It’s easy to dismiss this man and assume he has everything in life and that he probably acquired his wealth by using other people and earning it through their hard work not through his own. This would sell Warren very short. Of course in order to become rich it’s almost unavoidable to use other people in order to get there. However abuse shouldn’t be a part of that. Warren Edward Buffett is not your typical billionaire and he has done some suprising things. One of those things was that he donated 85% of his wealth to five foundations in 2006 and that in 2011 he wrote an op-ed piece for thr New York Times that expalined why he though the government should stop pampering the filthy rich.

Those are not actions that are usually associate with filthy rich people and certainly not with the number four on the Forbes 2013 list of billionaires. It’s actually quite interesting to speculate why Warren decided to do these things. Maybe Warren Buffett wanted be a good example for his children, maybe he saw scrooge too many times or just maybe he feels like this is his contribution to a better world. We might see more of these actions especially because Buffet confirmed in 2012 that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He might go beyond telling the govermnet to stop pampering the filthy rich and hopefully will be an initiator for further research into the multiple sides and hopefully cure for prostate cancer. (He might even get involved in the even bigger picture, cancer in general.)

However so far in history Warren Edward Buffett is mostly famours for writing, as people now refer to as the Buffett rule, the editoial article for the New York Times, in 2011,that was about how the government, in Buffett’s opinion, should stop pampering the filthy rich. He wanted Congress to increase taxes for Americans who were earning more than $1 million.

Apart from this he is also famous for saying things which are true but might be seen as too direct for some. For example he said: “The dumbest reason in the world to buy a stock, is because it is going up;” August 30, 1930.

Not everyone will love Warren and especially the filthy rich might not have been every enthusiastic when he challenged their papmering ways and asked the goverment to stop coddling them. However Warren Edward Buffett should be considered as a pioneer and somebody who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Inspiration and motivation on a level that everybody can relate to and implement in their own lives.

However keep these wise words in mind if you decide to go out and open your own business or find a new job: “Until you can manage your emotions, dont expect to manage money” According to Warren Edward Buffett we should be in control of ourselves before we can be financially succesful. Do you agree? Or do you think this is all nonsense? Atleast we probably all agree with Warren Edward Buffett that the filthy rich should not continue with their tax pampering and that the goverment should put a stop to that.

By Georgina Pijttersen


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