Who Are You Really? Truebies Get the First Bite of True Blood Season 6

Premiere Recap

Tonight’s heavily anticipated TrueBlood Premiere “Who Are You Really?” gave Trubies the first bite of the new season and started off with a bang, and as promised delivered the anticipated mystery death of a major character Luna. Before we talk about Luna we have to start at the beginning which picks up nicely from season 5 finale, with Bill drinking the blood of the original vampire Lillith. Suffice it to say that Bill’s capabilities and even his identity remain hanging in the air. Is he one with Lillith or is she still a separate entity possessing his body? “Billith” as he’s now called rises from the flames of a burning building in hot pursuit of Snooki and Eric and company. Which brings us to Luna, who didn’t make it out alive.


Luna Garza
Luna Garza

Luna Garza, was a skin walker played by actress Janina Gavankar, her character was introduced in season four  where fans met her as the new love interest of Sam Merlotte. A skin walker is a shapeshifter who has killed another shapeshifting family member, which Luna did when she was born; her mother died giving birth to her. Essentially they can turn into any animal or human being, have heightened senses and slightly stronger speed and strength than humans. It was incredibly sad moment as Luna tells Sam to take Emma and go, only to encounter Vampire Authority guards shortly after.

As Sookie and Eric come to the aid of Nora, Pam, Jessica and Tara, they wonder if “Billith” is far behind and ask the question of the hour – Who are you really, in reference to Billith’s new 2 for 1 indentity.  The governor of Louisana (Arliss) announces a war on vampires, complete with new weapons, a night curfew and a ban on business. He encourages those who are able to purchase weapons and ammunition to protect their loved ones, and the war begins.

The entire episode was a devastation and transformation of relationships. Pam discovers that Nora is Eric’s sister and that he hasn’t been transparent with her, when she expresses her disdain he tells her to “get over it and have my back or get out of my face.” Not exactly an apology but certainly a foreshadowing of a darker side of Eric to come this season.

Sookie and Jason have another fight over her taking sides with the vampires. Nora takes the liberty to glamour Jason in an effort to find some information on the mysterious Warlow. When Jason resumes control of his mental functions, he’s livid and uses the term “brain raped” to describe how he feels violated by their use of glamour. He pulls a gun on Nora, only to have Sookie step in and stop him. While these two have always argued over her allegiance and affiliation and romance with the undead, this time, Jason seems to have had enough and calls her out, saying she is “dead to him”


Eric and Sookie
Eric and Sookie

Meanwhile the werewolves have their own action with Alicide taking leadership of the pack, which he ceremoniously accepts after devouring the arm of the last pack master. He gets a seductive surprise through Danielle who offers to serve and pleasure him. Alicide finds himself in a threesome with Danielle and Rikki…Of course Rikkis doesn’t take lightly to her territory being threatened, and reminds Alicide that shes his “number one bitch”… alpha female.



Jessica who is Bill’s daughter finds herself being summoned by Billith and the force of the summoning wrecks havoc on her, causing her to vomit blood and sqiurm in pain. When Sookie and Jessica confront Bill later in his home, they are joined by Nora and Eric, both of whom try to take Bill out. During the fight, Sookie actually stakes Bill in the chest, which he survives and shows no loss of power from. Jessica switches teams and sides with her father.

Andy finds himself safe, but completely freaked out by the duty of four hybrid babies to take care of, and gets a little help from his friends Terry and Arlene.


There’s certainly a lot of questions to answer this season, and this episode of “Who Are You Really? pertains to more than just “Billith”, it’s the underlying theme of loyalty and relationships which will be developed throughout this new season. How do you feel about the premiere? Did it satisfy your Trubie hunger? How did you feel about the death of Luna?





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