21 Injured in San Fermin Festival (Video)

21 Injured in San Fermin Festival (Video)

At lease 21 were injured during the San Fermin Festival, after many young men were trapped in a human pile-up trying to enter a bull arena in Spain. The giant pile lasted 4 minutes and 15 seconds which prevented the bulls from entering the herd “Fuente Ymbro.”

Some young men tried to undo the pile from inside the square, while the bulls, surprised and scared, looked for a gap between the human pile-up so that they could squeeze by.

In addition to the bulls and dozens of young men tangled up in the pile, parts of the construction began to cause crushing amid scenes of panic and anxiety.

Spanish media highlighted the fact that their have been at least 22 similar incidents associated with this event.

Several bulls tired of pushing unsuccessfully, opted to turn back toward the street, but the decision to close the door prevented them from reaching people who had quietly dispersed .

Most of the 21 people injured  were taken to hospitals. Many of them suffered from having their chest crushed, and two others were gored in their armpits and buttocks .

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