Amanda Bynes Almost Turns Her Pooch Into a Hotdog (Video)

Amanda Bynes almost turns her pooch into a hotdog.

As more information about Amanda Bynes activity before getting put on psychiatric hold is revealed, things start looking sadder and more disturbing. It now turns out that the 27 year-old “retired” personality almost turned her pooch into a hotdog while starting the driveway fire at a stranger’s house! She then attempted to wash the gasoline off the poor animal. We’ve included the TMZ footage of Amanda in a liquor store with her gasoline drenched pup.

It has also been revealed that the gas can that Amanda had placed the burning cloth on was plastic and it was melting, so no danger of exploding, but plenty of danger of the fire spreading out of control. With reports that the Hairspray star had set her pant leg alight, she’s lucky it wasn’t worse.

The lady whose driveway was set on fire is Bonnie Braaten. Ms Braaten has talked about the incident and said to US Weekly, “I have no idea what she was doing. I don’t even think she has an idea what she was doing.” The elderly homeowner did say that Bynes’ parents live nearby.

Braaten’s neighbour, Bruno Corsi spoke to US Weekly also and revealed that he extinguished the fire after hearing some noise while he was in his garage. He came out and found, “a bunch of teenage kids who were trying to stop the fire.” He described seeing a woman with “long blonde hair … sitting on the sidewalk.”

Another eyewitness said that the fire wasn’t as small as initially reported speaking of flames that leapt up to a height of five feet. The same eyewitness said that there were two fires, not just the one.

Another eyewitness who spoke to local reporters said that he’d found Bynes lying by the driveway with one pant leg on fire and claims that she told him that she was okay but that her dog got burnt. The eyewitness also revealed that Bynes left the scene of her “arson” attempt in a taxi cab and told him, “My dog has been burned, please let go of me, I’m going to call 911.”

Later in the same evening she was seen going into a liquor store with her pomeranian pooch who, according to witnesses in the store, reeked of gasoline. CCTV footage shows Bynes wandering and undecided about which aisle to go down. Her hair is disheveled and she is holding her dog straight out in front of her.

The store’s clerk saw Bynes enter the “employees only” washroom and followed her in. He said that she was rinsing her dog off in the sink. You can see the CCTV footage below.

When Bynes was initially placed on psychiatric hold, the police stated that she could only be held for 72 hours. Now, according to TMZ, Amanda has been diagnosed as showing signs of schizophrenia and doctors have asked for a two week extension on her psychiatric hold.

It has also emerged that Amanda’s parents are going to ask a judge to put the troubled 27 year-old in a conservatorship which means, basically, a judge appointing a responsible adult to care for another adult. This move by Amanda’s parents copies what happened to Britney Spears when she had her meltdown.

Reportedly, Bynes’ parents have wanted to step in with this legal move before, but they lacked the evidence required for a judge to make a decision in favour of the conservatorship.

It now seems that Amanda Bynes and her bizarre behaviour isn’t just affecting her, it’s affecting those around her. Making her a danger to other people and her poor pomeranian puppy who she almost turned into a hotdog. Hopefully the young woman can now get the help that she apparently has needed for a long time now. You can see her confused behaviour in the CCTV footage below.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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