Amanda Bynes’ Parents Discussing Conservatorship

Star remains under psychiatric hold

Amanda bynes parents conservatorship

In a much needed move, the parents of troubled star, Amanda Bynes, are discussing obtaining conservatorship over their daughter. The issue is not one for media fodder. Mom Lynn and dad Rick are looking to go to the Ventura County courthouse to sign papers assigning themselves as guardians.

Bynes remains institutionalized, assigned a mandatory 72 hour, 5150 psychiatric hold. As many of you may now be aware of, Bynes went to a stranger’s driveway and set a fire fleeing from the scene. Her poor dog was a victim covered in gasoline from his mistress’ troubling situation.

Conservatorship is a long-awaited move from Bynes’ parents. In a sad result, rumors are stemming that Bynes is showing troubling signs of schizophrenia. If the hospital officials feel the starlet could pose a risk for herself or others, she can be held for 14 days. This will allow time for her parents to create the documents with the court and secure a safe haven for their daughter.

Britney Spears’ father held conservatorship for five years over the singing sensation and it proved to be a healthy situation for her. Spears went through public meltdowns and the paparazzi captured bizarre photos of the falling star. Spears is currently on the road to success. There are no more negative photos, only pictures of her and her sons. She is looking happier and, most of all, healthier.  We can hope the same results will be seen for Bynes.

When Bynes arrived in Thousand Oaks, California, she created mayhem instantly. From fights with taxi drivers, to getting tossed out of a retirement home for trespassing, and then the fire, being institutionalized just seems far delayed. After she doused gasoline in the driveway of the stranger and over her dog, the horrified star fled the scene with her whimpering pooch. She took her dog to a nearby convenience store where she was trying to clean him. When she was approached by the befuddled clerks, Bynes fled again. She was eventually caught by police and transported to a mental care facility.

Schizophrenia is a severe chronic condition that has affected millions of people throughout history. The condition, according to the ‘National Institutes of Health,’ can stem from genetics, varying brain chemistry or structure. Chemical imbalances have long been blamed for the condition, based on larger than average ventricles in the center of the brain. Some of the symptoms displayed are hallucinations, delusions, disorganized thinking, garbled speaking, catatonic movements, lack of physical abilities, and lack of pleasure in life.

These systems are just a tip of a much greater iceberg. We can only hope for the 27-year-old star that her parents stepping in is exactly what is needed right now. Obviously, these have been troubling times for Bynes, and now the possibility of harming others and herself has reached its peak. Outlandish behavior from actors is not unusual; (remember when Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch?) That is a world away from the events Bynes has gotten herself into.

Over the next several weeks, the media reports may settle, as her family quietly steps in to help their daughter. Bynes will need the support from her friends and fans more than ever as she begins this healing path. With her parents reviewing conservatorship – and the star under mental review, let’s hope her symptoms will be properly diagnosed and treated.

Angelina Bouc

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