Asiana Airline Crash-Two Teens Killed Identified-One Run over by Emergency Vehicle

Asiana Airline Crash-Two Teens Killed Identified-One Run over by Emergency Vehicle

The two 16-year-old girls killed in the Asiana Airline plane crash have been identified.  Ye MengYuan and Wang Linjia were traveling to the U.S. from Shanghai to take part in a three week summer camp and were both killed due to injuries associated with the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 on Saturday.

One of the young ladies is at the center of another investigation because she was apparently run over by one of the emergency vehicles.

The parents of both teenagers flew into San Francisco International Airport on Monday and were able to see the wreckage of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 as their plane prepared to land.

The parents of the teens had many questions for coroner Robert Foucrault.

“One of the questions they asked was which of their daughters was possibly struck by the fire truck,” Foucrault said. The answer was Ye, he said.

“We told them that we’re still looking into it,” Foucrault said. “The rest of their questions were about policies and procedures.”

Both of the teens were found outside of the plane.  Ye was found near the front of the jet’s left wing.  Wang was found near the seawall that the jet struck as it approached the runway.

According to reports, both girls were sitting in the back of the plane. When the tail broke away at impact, it is believed that Wang was ejected from the jet along with two flight attendants who survived but are seriously injured.

San Francisco Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White said Ye’s injuries were consistent with having been hit by a fire rig.  The police hit and run unit is investigating.

White further expressed concern regarding whether Ye was dead before a fire truck struck her.  “The sooner we get the information, the better,” White said.

The firehouses at the airport dispatched about four large trucks and several smaller vehicles to the scene of the crash on Saturday.  The large trucks were Osh Kosh Stricker model 4500s, which weigh about 116,000 pounds.

Ye and Wang were supposed to attend a three-week summer camp at West Valley Christian Church in Los Angeles.  They had arrangements with a host family and plans to study English, tour, visit prospective Universities, and explore different careers while visiting.

“These are amazing, amazing gifted, talented, great prospects with a lot of talent that are coming over here,” West Valley Christian School administrator Derek Swales told today. “It’s just devastating to think that superstar kid in the classroom with all that potential was just taken.”

The camp which was composed of a group of 35 Chinese students and chaperones has been cancelled and the attendees are expected to return to China.

In the meantime, The National Transportation Safety Board has met with the four pilots of the Asiana Airlines jet to establish how the crash occurred and who is to blame.

West Valley Christian School is planning a vigil and is collecting money to send care packages to the families.

Ye and Wang were described as close friends and both were 16-years-old.

By: Veverly Edwards

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