Beyoncé and Jay-z True Love but No Recorded Duets

Jay-Z Opens Up

Beyoncé And Jay-Z True Love But No Recorded Duets

Jay-Z and Beyoncé are usually seen as the power couple reigning the music industry. Not often do either of them show of their softer side. But once they do, it is really touching. A while ago Jay-Z opened up about Beyoncé and that they have true love. However, they won’t romantically collaborate musically though, as in: no recorded duets.  Jay Z said: “The way she has changed my life…if I didn’t have her? Where would I be? Who will I be? Sometimes I wonder if I would still be Jay-Z. It’s so surreal. First time I lad eyes on her she was 16, I had a thought in my head, “She will be mine,” became my best friend..20 years old, it was time…before you knew it she made me swallow my pride and my own words…”forever mackin” – 8 years later, married , one kid, She saved me.”

Jay-Z talked about his wife and the status of her new album as well: “Right now, Bey has 100,000 amazing songs, just playing ’em.” However, Jay was quick to add that these songs haven’t been revealed to the public yet, so they are enjoying them in the privacy of their own home. He said laughing: “Yeah, [we] dance to it in our socks!” Once again confirming that he and Beyoncé really do have true love, but that he is not interested in recorded duets with his wife. He also talked about how being a father has affected him, and that he would definitely want more children. He actually would like his own basketball team. However, this was of course in no way a serious statement, it was said in a joking manner and it referred back to his new role as a sports agent. He did add a less romantic note when he talked about: how he would never want to do a Best Of Both Worlds style duet with Beyoncé. So they do have true love ,just “no duets” please.

In addition there are many rumors floating around that Beyoncé is experiencing problems with putting her new album together. She has hinted for a long time that the album will be released soon, but according to sources, Ne-Yo and Diplo, she was still trying to figure out in which direction her music would be going. There are other sources suggesting that she has eliminated 50 songs which were intended for the album. Therefore feeding the rumors that the album might not even be released anytime soon.

Beyoncé’s team have denied all these rumors. They said that the public was misinformed, because there was no actual release date. Just a suggested one.

Lets hope Beyoncé will find the direction she is looking for and that she will surprise us all with her brand new album. It would be nice if she collaborated on at least one duet with her hubby, but it makes sense that they want to keep their true love to themselves, doesn’t it?

What do you think? Is it nonsense that they made the statement of no recorded duets? Do you think it would be nice to hear them perform together followed by an album? It might actually solve Bey’s issues with her album. Let us know what you think in the comments.

By Georgina Pijttersen


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