Can the Moon Affect Healing?

Can Moon Affect Healing?
We all know the moon can affect the tide and weather patterns, as well as a woman’s body, but what about healing? Recent studies have shown the moon can affect how quickly one recovers from surgery and even death rates.  Why would this be?

In a study done for Acute aortic dissection (AAD) repair performed through the Cardiovascular Institute at Rhode Island it is shown there is lunar impact on recovery from cardiovascular surgery.  In fact, the study reports a reduction in death rates during a waning moon and shorter stays in the hospital by up to four days during a full moon.

The ancients have always shown the moon to be a powerful force and would time ceremonies and the preparation of medicinal concoctions based upon it.  It has been thought that the new moon offered a new ‘seeding’ energy and the full was for the harvest.  The time between the new and the full would ‘draw’ or increase the potency of something, and the time between the full and the new could reduce or ‘pull out.’  For example, if you wanted to make a cleansing concoction, you would prepare it during the time from the full to the new – so the mixture would carry the potency of the reduction.  In order to build a system up, the preparation would be made from new to full.

The chief of cardiothoracic surgery and co-director of the Cardiovascular Institute at Rhode Island says:  “While there has been previous research of seasonal impacts on cardiovascular disease, there has not been any data about the effect of the lunar cycles on cardiac cases, until now.”

In the case of lower death rates during a waning moon, it would seem the patient was responding to the age-old knowledge which allowed the toxic to be ‘drawn’ out at that time, keeping their strength for recovery.  As for the full moon and shorter hospital stays- wisdom would suggest the higher availability of energy in the atmosphere could contribute to feeding the vital essence in the body for someone who might otherwise be weak, allowing for quicker recovery and release from hospital care.

The full moon has long been a time for celebration and powerful ceremonies and in the modern world, always a more active time in the emergency room and the police department, so something is definitely up there.  In North America the Farmer’s Almanac is a periodical which has been in print since 1818 and includes moon cycles as they affect weather, planting, harvesting, fishing, tides and health tips.  The moon and how it affects us has long been a part of the world’s culture, though in this day and age, spending most of our time inside, rather than out under it – we have forgotten what people have inherently always known.

The moon is a powerful source in our skies and our reality.   Without the moon, much would shift in the way of weather, tides and even healing on this planet.  Women’s very nature is patterned after the moon, so it is no surprise that the nurturing influence of woman is also found in the cycles of the moon, as astrology has long pointed out – and now, finally, western medicine.

Written by:  Stasia Bliss

Sources: The Telegraph; How to use Moon Cycles for Health and Healing; Life Coaching; The Old Farmer’s Almanac

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