Charges Filed Against Ohio man for Three Dead Women (Video)


An Ohio man faces charges filed against him by law enforcement officials for three dead women, one found in his garage. Michael Madison, 35-years old, is a registered sex offender. He was arrested in Cleveland, after law enforcement officials received a tip leading them to a dead body found in the garage of Madison’s home.

The Cleveland suburbanite is being held on a $6 million dollar bond with a three count murder charge of aggravated murder and kidnapping. He was arrested by law enforcement officials at his mother’s house and taking in to custody without incident. Police initially were alerted to the first body found in the home by a tipster. Upon further follow up investigations two additional remains were discovered in the yard of an abandoned home and in the basement of a vacated house.

Madison appeared before the judge in a blue jumpsuit, head shaved and with a beard. Upon questioning from the judge, he quietly gave his replies. Madison a 1997 graduate of Euclid High School has a criminal background. In 2001 he was charged with attempted rape, and gross sexual imposition and kidnapping. In a plea bargain he pleaded guilty to attempted rape and served a four year sentence in prison.

Charges filed against this Ohio man for three dead women, one found in his home are confirmed by his criminal history. Only two months ago Madison pleaded guilty to a marijuana possession charge and was fined. In 2001 he was charged for drugs and found guilty. In 2001 and 2006 he was taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

“Three individuals who were minding their own business were killed senselessly by an individual with no regard for human life,” said Mayor Gary Norton. “As a community, we are dealing with the tragedy, we are healing and we are strong.” Mayor Norton talked about the ongoing investigation and was resolute that justice would be served in the case.

“We feel there may be more to this. This is an ongoing investigation. We’re nowhere near done,” said East Cleveland Police Chief Ralph Spotts. One of the victims was identified as 38-year-old Angela Deskins of Cleveland. A matching of fingerprints identified her body as the remains; the decayed body was retained in the suspect’s home in a plastic bag.

“The other two victims remain unidentified, and the causes of death remain unknown for all three,” said Dr. Thomas Gilson, the county medical examiner. One woman had a red star at the base of her left thumb, a tattoo on her lips and the name “Gene” on her left forearm. The woman also had tattoos on her thigh with the name “Gene” and the name Lil Wayne on her breast. Dr. Gilson did not relay details of the other unidentified female remains that was found.

Many people are concerned with the plague of sexual assaults and serial killings of women that are taking place in the Cleveland, Ohio region. The Ohio man found with three dead women faces a litany of charges filed against him by investigators. Another Ohio man, Ariel Castro, faces a multitude of charges in reference to rape and holding three women captive for more than a decade.

By Thomas Barr

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