Clear Out Your Stuff and Step Into a New You

Step into the New You by Clearing your Stuff
We’re all feeling it, something is changing, everything is changing really.  If you look around in government, religions, food and health care, personal relationships, the planet, science, technology, the sun – virtually everything we have ‘known’ is shifting.  For many of us, these are exciting times but they don’t come without a little bit of unsettled feelings.  It’s not just the outside that is changing either, we are feeling it within ourselves as well.  Things we have been holding in for maybe our entire lives are finally surfacing.  How do we support this process and most easily find ourselves anew among all this change?  Stepping into a new you can start with something as simple as clearing out your stuff -as finding room in your space makes room inside.

Known to many as the art of Feng Shui, and ‘clearing your clutter’, the practice of going through ones stuff can be a little daunting, but in the end – completely liberating.  Think about it.  Your stuff follows you around and accumulates throughout your life.  Each thing is associated with a particular experience, person, life situation, time or emotion.  As you pile these things around your home you are literally storing past feelings and events with symbolic representations.  Sometimes that is great, as it keeps memories and energies of past beautiful experiences fresh and in your field.  Other times, the ‘essence’ of these things clogs the ‘now’ – stifling growth without us even knowing it is happening.

What we perceive as decorations and beauty around the house could be holding patterns you are trying desperately to dissolve and move beyond.  I know it seems strange, but think about it.  That statue, that you bought that one day in that particular location with that certain someone…remember that day?  How you were feeling ? Who you were?  You may not remember, but that thing does.  It holds it like glue into the atmosphere of your space.  You don’t believe me?  Get rid of it and see how you feel.

Have you ever held onto things from say, a previous marriage, let’s go big – like, say – a house?  You love the house, why would you want to go? Though, subconsciously, every time you are in the house feelings of ‘the way it used to be’ linger in your psyche – affecting your present moment expression.  I used to love sunflowers.  I had sunflower everything given to me for my first marriage.  Sunflower hand towels, wall-hangings, oven-mitts, sunflower bathroom items, rugs – I’m not kidding, everything was sunflowers.  After my husband and I split up, I kept the sunflower stuff for a while, because, well – I loved sunflowers.

The more time went on and the harder I tried to ‘move on’, I kept feeling that something was holding me back.  It wasn’t huge, but it was there.  Finally, after studying Feng Shui one day, I looked around and SAW the sunflowers screaming at me – they were silent reminders of my old life, my old marriage, the old ME…all the things I was working so hard to release, and yet I’d kept them.  As soon as I released them, wouldn’t you know it – I was able to move on. . .like magic!

Who says your stuff can’t speak?  Look around your space right now and take a moment to focus on each object individually.  As you do this, remember where each thing came from and realize what it means to you.  If it does not represent something you would like to have in your current life and what you want to be creating for your future – maybe it’s time it goes.  Seriously.

Here is a great method for stuff sorting to help you in stepping into your new self while gently clearing out the old:

  1. Make 3 piles – maybe using 3 large boxes
  2. Label the first box – Give Away/Trash
  3. Label the second box – Love/Keep
  4. Label the third box – Gift
  5. In the first box, place items that you no longer want or need, to either recycle or throw away
  6. In the second box, place items you love, which still hold meaning for you today and stand for the life you want to continue to create – you’ll keep these
  7. In the third box goes items you love, but no longer serve your expanding now moment, which you can designate as gifts for others – these things make great presents to friends and family
  8. Go through your stuff several times, in layers – choose the easiest ones first

If you have never done this before, it can be a challenge.  The simplest way to do this is to approach it as if you were someone else, unattached to these items, performing the deed.  Inquire with yourself as to the ‘data’ surrounding these items – meaning, where they came from, what they mean to you and what purpose they serve now?  As you go through each item, try not to create an emotional attachment with them again, but do recognize if it is something you truly love and if it continues to inspire you.

It is possible to perform this ceremony of sorts slowly.  Go through just one room at a time, or even one cupboard at a time if it is too over-whelming.  If you are moving, it is a great thing to do before the move, so you arrive at your new home with fresh energy rather than dragging along the ‘old you.’  Step into the new you by clearing out your stuff and empower the you that wishes to shine through!  It is so refreshing and energizing, I swear it!  Just try it – right now and see!

You can do it!

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: About Feng Shui; Clearing your Clutter with Feng Shui

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