Corruption Deceit Dishonesty and Living Under the Zuma Spell

Election of the countries new president by the members of the South African parliament.

South Africa – Jacob Zuma, the third ANC (African National Congress) president, will end his first term next year, and there is a reasonable probability that he will be re-elected to serve the country for another five years. South Africa, we remain under the Zuma spell and with all our intentions of wishing him away, it will never happen.

We cannot deny that the previous government, the Nationalist Party was negligent; we understand the different cultures suffered under their control and when the final chance for freedom came, we embraced Nelson Mandela and his leadership. Leadership that is long forgotten and replaced by deceitfulness and corruption.

The democracy started on a good footing but as years crept by the corruption and greed of the ruling party became evident. Zuma will be remembered as the most corrupt president, the one who ruined the economy and divided the people more so than the previous regime.

There will always be the people who love Zuma, and there will be the ones who hate him. Zuma is the president and we cannot change that, we can reflect on his leadership and ask questions.

Over the years, there have been widespread reports on the corruption of Zuma’s party and his direct involvement in deals that are not benefiting the country but his personal life. Before he was voted in as president, he was acquitted on a rape charge and a corruption charge that saw his close friend Shaik Shabbir imprisoned. The controversial arms deal that was uncovered by a political opposition party during the Mbeki leadership remained unresolved, and it was obvious that our president was involved in this deal. To this time the truth is yet to be revealed.

During 2009, his mate Shaik Shabbir received a medical parole for alleged heart problems and placed under house arrest because he was terminally ill. The man is still alive and doing extremely well.

We ask questions if it is actually the taxpayers’ money spent on his Nkandla homestead or blood money, dishonest dealings, lies and deceit, but it is now a top secret. His influential friends the Gupta family using the country’s military airbase to land their aircraft for a wedding will remain a terrifying nightmare for most South Africans. The story was in the headlines, but the outcome and the truth will always remain a mystery. The money given to Swaziland and Zimbabwe, and probably others not mentioned, there is no followed up report of when or how it will be paid back. Money that could have help deliver textbooks to schools, where innocent children eager for an education wait. Endless stories of corruption continue to flood our system.

Well if you have Zuma as a friend, you have it all. It was Zuma himself who said those outside of the ANC would stay cold. Yes, we understand that point, not cold but sizzling hot as we follow the truth unfold and the country ramble out of its untold mystery.

The millions of rural people are the more prominent South Africans who will never forget or not support the ANC; they will always remember the ANC that set them free from one hell to another. They want to live in poverty, underdeveloped rural areas, with no decent infrastructure. They accept the derelict hospitals that can cause your death because the primary health care system is nonexistent and have no suitable public transport. These are the people living under the Zuma spell. People who receive empty promises year in and year out, these people who will die waiting for the fulfillment of an illusion created by the wistful Zuma.

Not all is lost, there are the emerging younger generations that have accepted democracy and are now free to receive education and trust their own intuition. Liberal people that know the truth the ones that will one day give South Africa true democracy. People who don’t want to stay under the Zuma spell.

Jacob Zuma we must never forget your excellent qualities and yes there is one, you are a brilliant dancer!

Written by Laura Oneale

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