Cory Monteith Killed by His Vancouver Party Life Style

He Tried So Hard To Stay Sober

Cory Monteith Killed by His Vancouver Party Life Style

It is now clear that Cory Monteith sadly died of a drug and alcohol mixture. Everybody hoped that this would have a different outcome, however the coroner has confirmed the result. The surprising fact is that Cory kept his substance abuse problem somewhat hidden from his American public and Glee devotees. He spoke out about his drugs problems, went to rehab, and whenever he was on Glee, he was sober. ¬†However, things turned around completely every time he went back home to visit Vancouver. Apparently his native country had such a pull on him, that he couldn’t resist partying really hard with his friends. (Meaning taking drugs and drinking alcohol.) His family was aware of this pull and tried many times to turn the tide. Some people are now speculating that, the reason why he was staying in a hotel was in order to avoid his family seeing him in such a state. It’s a sad thing but ultimately Vancouver and his hard party life style in the city have killed Cory Monteith.

Lea Michelle, who is inconsolable, had tried many times to guide Cory to the straight and narrow. Sources have confirmed that Lea and other members of the Glee cast tried multiple times to keep him clean and sober. Monteith did his very best and was reportedly never under the influence when he acted on Glee. He even tried to abstain from alcohol and drugs altogether while he was working on the hit TV show. Apparently, whenever he went back to Canada he couldn’t stay away from his friends or the drugs. (Most people say that in this case the term ‘friend’ has to be used cautiously because a real friend doesn’t enable the other friend to use drugs, especially when that person is known to have struggles with addiction. That’s why Cory Monteith’s beloved Vancouver’ friends’ and his party life style may have killed him.)

After the deaths of Amy Winehouse, Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, River Phoenix and countless others, everybody continues to have hope that things will change. Laws should become stricter, celebrities should have people who genuinely look after them, and most of all, they should know how much the world at large misses them once they are gone. Unfortunately, these tragedies do not only occur among the rich and famous. Substance abuse affects all walks of life, however we do not get to know these people or see the inconsolable spouses, partners and family members who have been left behind because of such a tragedy. The outcome is always, depressingly, the same. Nothing changes. ¬†Laws might become more severe but do not prevent people who are monitored but might be able to hide. One addiction gets replaced by another and so on. If somebody doesn’t want to be helped things will never change. Cory Monteith tried hard to stay sober and change, but his beloved, native Vancouver with his “dear friends” and the party life style that he led there have killed him in the end.

By Georgina Pijttersen

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