David Beckham Wows in New Fragrance Commercial (Video)

Wowzers david beckham in advert

It’s getting hot in here, so David Beckham, please take off your shirt – whispers the eye-catching and bold display of the athlete’s new commercial. Audiences around the world had a simultaneous jaw drop as they greedily watched Beckham appear on screen. He walks confidentially into a darkened shop and pulls of his shirt and millions of girls and boys sighed around the world. Of course the video is included, we wouldn’t want to torture you!

No replaying it for a third time! When the kindly gentleman asked the soccer star if he could “be of further assistance?” We’re guessing some not scripted commercial answers were shouted. Beckham is not shy in delivering a smoldering 40 seconds that’s sure to bring attention to his fragrance and himself. The camera captures the aloof expression from the former ‘L.A. Galaxy’ star.

Beckham releases that pent up “wowzers” from many adoring fans during the hottest commercial seconds you’ll see in sometime. The retired soccer star has earned his fortune and fame from his years on the field. He started playing soccer when he was a mere 18-years-old and during that time was recruited for the much-loved Manchester United soccer team. He achieved a starting position in two short years.

Beckham brought intense sexual appeal to soccer, on a scale never seen before. He was the famous spokesperson for massive brands like Pepsi, Adidas, Gillete, Calvin Klein and more. He retains the title of the highest paid soccer star and most searched soccer star during the 2003 and 2004 years. In 2007 he was signed by the L.A. Galaxy professional team, making a stunning and financially worthy move. His net worth? A cool $300 million.

Not to rain on the Becks parade, but marrying former ‘Spice Girls’ star Victoria Adams (Posh Spice) boosted his star appeal. The couple tied the knot in 1999, two years after they met, and had oldest son, Brooklyn Joseph.  When Beckham defected to America to play soccer, the rise of interest in a sport hidden in the shadows grew quickly. The Galaxy reaped the rewards, when for the first time in their existence, the team sold over 5,000 season tickets.

His time with the Galaxy wasn’t injury smooth and he even missed the opportunity to play along-side his hardworking teammates in the World Cup of 2010. A couple of years later (many should remember this!) Beckham launched his successful underwear line with H&M. Now back home with his family, the sexy athlete retired humbly, thanking fans and most importantly his supportive wife and kids.

Now, the visibility of Beckham is rising again as he unveils his chest-er rather his new fragrance. The name of the delicious and captivating scent? ‘David Beckham Classic.’ Of course, there is the warning that spraying the heavily desired mist on a male will not transform that male into the David Beckham, so no dousing a loved one.

Beckham is excited about the launch and stated, “My new fragrance, Classic, is an expression of my style: modern, elegant, masculine. I love it. And hope everyone will love it as much as I do,” he added, “I wear it on the same occasions as most men: after training, after a shower, when I’m going out.” No going back to read shower again.

Overall, Beckham is more than a sex symbol of athleticism. He does bring out the wow factor in his new fragrance commercial, but he is also a savvy businessman and family man. He took his early years and made them his best years, so he can settle alongside his family during retirement. The scents of Beckham are beautifully designed and posted on his website.

Angelina Bouc

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