Dolphins and Cowboys Start Training Camp


The month of the July is usually the slowest month of the year for sports fans as very few sports leagues are playing. However this is changing as the Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys have started training camp.

Even though the Dolphins and the Cowboys are the only teams to start training camp (until Wednesday – as several teams start theirs on the 24th), it is still a big deal.

The opening up of the first training camps signal the beloved pre-season football games are right around the corner, the first of which being the Hall of Fame Game – less than two weeks away.  A month after the Hall of Fame Game, on September the 5th, the regular season starts.

Now don’t get me wrong,  I absolutely love football. I enjoy everything from simple positional drills to the games themselves, but the reason training camp is exciting for many is more simplistic.  It is for the simple pleasure of sharing the game that we love with the ones that we love.

Most of the time during the summer the little free time that parents get when they aren’t working, is usually spent on chores around the house or shuttling kids around to games and play dates with friends.  When training camps start things change.

By the time most training camps kickoff in late July, many kids sports leagues are finishing their last few remaining games. It is likely designed this way so parents and kids can start getting ready for school- beginning for many in September. However, it still often leaves a gaping hole for kids to pass time.

For many fathers,  there is no better way to enjoy a great summer afternoon while using a vacation day on something worthwhile and spend quality time with the kids, letting them get a close look at one of their favorite players, than watching a training camp practice.

With the Dolphins and Cowboys starting training camp on Sunday there is only one more thing left to say. It’s Football Season!

Written by: Paul Kasprzak

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