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Dr Who Comic Con and Matt Smith Walks the Floor (Video)

But No One Will Talk To Him

Dr Who at Comic Con

Hall H, which is the biggest hall in the San Diego Comic Con this year, has seen a lot of action. Day three saw the Dr Who panel in attendance in the hall. Fans and cosplayers filled the biggest room waiting for the Comic Con Dr Who 50th anniversary trailer reveal, Matt Smith and producer Steven Moffat to show their “limited edition” trailer for the new Doctor Who. And at the end of this article, we’ve put the video of Matt Smith fulfilling a dream to walk the floor of Comic Con.

According to those that attended, the Dr Who panel in Hall H was pretty exciting, even if producer Steven Moffat wouldn’t say who he’s cast as the next Doctor who. It looked to be a very special event. Dr Who pictures from a Tumblr contest were flashed on the walls. Dr Who “monsters” roamed the halls of Comic Con, and winners of a Dr Who reenactment contest won goody bags and a special moment with Matt Smith.

i09.com said that the “panel started with all the fans holding up their sonic screwdrivers en masse, for a glowy buzzing salute.” The fans then got to see an Eclectic Method music video that used clips from the show’s 50 years. The were also treated to a “recap video” that went over the shows from 1963 to today, with a lot of attention paid to the last couple of years.

The audience were then shown the trailer for Dr Who: An Adventure in Time and Space, a BBC documentary about the origins and the making of the show. Going right back to beginning and having a word or two with the doctor’s who are still living. Of course, they did get to talk to Matt Smith, before he left to walk the floors in Comic Con.

Apart from obvious crowd pleasing bit from the panel host Craig Ferguson, the real interest was in the 50th anniversary and all that went behind it. Moffat revealed that he still had the “memo from Verity Lambert (the Doctor’s original producer) outlining what she wanted for the 50th, so I’ve gone with that.”

Moffat then went on to say that, “things we have been setting up for a very long while that we’ll be resolving in the 50th and Matt’s final episode. But the most exciting idea is obviously the one we’ve just come up with.”

Matt Smith stated that he’s determined to make the 50th anniversary episode “a real belter.”

Steven Moffat said that he believes that the Doctor “doesn’t know he’s the hero.” And that he would be very surprised to find out there’s an adventure serial about him. “He just thinks he’s larking about trying to find a fairground.”

The question and answer session included many fans asking about plots, coincidences, and what other roles in the series would the existing stars like to play. Smith, for the record would like to play the “meaty” role of the Master.

Somewhat disappointingly, there is no video footage of the Dr Who sneak peak trailer that was shown on the day at Comic Con. But we do have the video footage of actor Matt Smith fulfilling a dream of his to walk the Comic Con floor. As Bart Simpson. The video is down below and quite amusing. We hope you enjoy it.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom