Emerging Dictators in the 21st Century


The people of New Zealand are demonstrating, and the government is not listening.  Another country is protesting the emerging dictatorship of the 21st century.

Parliament is poised to pass a bill allowing government to spy on the phone calls of the citizens of New Zealand.  Thousands have been protesting throughout the weekend.  And the government is not listening.

If this sounds familiar, you’re one of the many who are tired of elected officials imposing their will on those who voted for them, and ignoring the will of the people.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key joined President Obama and other world leaders in defense of spying on everyday citizens.  He downplayed the numbers of those protesting, claimed they were ill-informed, and behind the protests was a political agenda.

“At the risk of encouraging them to have more protests, I would have actually said those numbers were quite light – it wasn’t anything like what we saw for mining or anything else,” he told TVNZ’s Q&A program on Sunday.

“Secondly, a lot of people that would go along would be either A, politically aligned, or B, with the greatest of respect, misinformed,” he stressed.

Elected leaders of New Zealand, Russia, the United States, and France are amassing dictatorial powers.  Citizens of countries where free elections are held, are witnessing the fact that voting is meaningless.  The will of the people is being ignored, and replaced by the ambitions of those we elect.

Freedom is not free.  The people of Egypt and Turkey are setting examples for the rest of the world.  Their elected leaders attempted to impose their will on the people, and the response was swift.  Countries are composed of its people; leaders are elected to enhance the lives of the country’s citizens.  Unfortunately, those we elect make promises while campaigning, and bury those promises once elected.

“I accept there are some that will always feel a bit nervous about privacy and their own rights, but I can give you the best assurance I can that we’re very careful and cautious about what we do as a state,” Key said during a visit to South Korea.

Without a doubt Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Kim Jung Il, Mussolini, and the rest convinced the people of their countries that they were ‘doing the right thing’ for them.

Leaders of the world use ‘scare tactics’ to control the masses.  They continue to shove terrorism down our throats, while they create fertile ground for terrorists to prosper.

My grandmother used the phrase “mind your own business” frequently.  That would be her advice to the leaders of the countries of the world.  I listened, they wouldn’t.

Knowledge is power.  Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Programs such as PRISM are the beginning of eliminating all freedom, and allow dictators to emerge in the 21st century.

Alfred James reporting


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