Emma Roberts Arrested for Domestic Violence: Boyfriend Evan Peters Drops Charges

Emma roberts arrested

Emma Roberts, typically known as a sweet darling of Hollywood, was arrested for domestic violence after socking her boyfriend, ‘American Horror Story’ actor Evan Peters in the nose. Reportedly, someone near the couple’s room heard the yelling and scuffling and contacted police. The incident occurred on July 7th, but is just now coming surfacing, after Peters dropped charges.

Not only did Peters receive a bloody nose from his girlfriend, but reports suggest she also bit into her boyfriend. The shock wave spread across social media as the Hollywood darling was outed as an abusive girlfriend. Peters dismissed the charges and sources close to the couple state they are back together.

This brings a very real and serious light regarding the abuse between Hollywood couples. Most famously, Chris Brown and Rihanna’s encounter back in 2009. When Rihanna hinted last year at being back with the ‘Fine China’ singer, the public turned against her. Comments emblazoned across the social media like a forest fire. Emma Roberts, arrested for a similar attack on her boyfriend, turns the table on  female on male abuse and it appears the public’s reaction is mixed. The double standard process of abuse has long been an issue not only in Hollywood, but in the nation. Abuse in Hollywood is not a new concept and in most cases, it has been male on female abuse that has captured the publicity.

Pamela Lee Anderson walked away from Tommy Lee for good, after reports surfaced the rocker abused Anderson on more than a few occasions. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown lived in a much publicized abusive marriage. For 14 years Houston endured Brown’s abuse until she walked away in 2006. Even socialite Kim Kardashian fell into hard times when she married Damon Thomas in 2000. Thomas became abusive within a few months after saying, ‘I do.’ Kim divorced Thomas, citing the abuse and death threats he made against her and her family, which was recorded in court documents.

Not too often do the women of Hollywood make headlines for being abusive. It was even more stunning to see it committed by a seemingly innocent Roberts. She is the niece of famous aunt Julie Roberts and has been a face of Hollywood since her youth. Roberts has guest starred in family friend aimed flicks like ‘Nancy Drew,’ ‘Hotel for Dogs’ and ‘Celeste & Jesse Forever.’

Peters is known for his work in ‘American Horror Story,’ a modern cult classic surrounding the history of a haunted house. He has also starred in the ‘Parenthood’ television series and ‘The Mentalist.’ Peters is currently filming  ‘Qucksilver’ in preparation of the 2014 release of ‘X-men: Days of Future Past.’

Much too often, when women are the victims, people implore them to leave their abusers. The same actions should be taken when men are on the receiving end of the abuse. It draws light to a serious problem that shouldn’t be ignored. Apparently, Peters is staying put. The couples’ reps released a statement advising, “It was an unfortunate incident and misunderstanding. Ms. Roberts was released after questioning and the couple are working together to move past it.”

There has been no word on what triggered the event. Much too often, women are accused of going back to their abusers for negative love. While more information is revealed about the hotel altercation, there are a couple of facts. Roberts was arrested due to what police determined was “reasonable cause” from the bite marks and bloody nose.

At some point this aspect and review of abuse must be brought to center light in Hollywood. While Peters may have dropped charges against his girlfriend Roberts, let’s hope they focus on more than just “moving on.”  The details have not been fully presented to determine if Peters struck Roberts, but a few sources have advised that Roberts emerged from the jail bruised. This altercation will hopefully encourage the young couple to seek the help that is obviously needed. Even a single instance of abuse should be unacceptable.

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