Facebook Rolls Out New Embed Instagram Feature


Love ’em or hate ’em, Instagram videos and photos are here to stay. On Wednesday, Facebook rolled out its new Instagram feature. Can’t stop taking photos of the family dog, cat, or latest bouncing baby boy or girl in your household? Want to share your photos with the world?

Facebook has made sharing your videos and photos much easier. Thanks to the new feature, users will find embedding their videos and photos on websites will be easier than ever before.

The company noted at a press conference that the ability to have an embed option was one of the most requested features, This embed function, the company believes, will likely be extremely useful for media groups, like magazines, sports sites, and bloggers.

Facebook wins the battle, but will they or Twitter win the ongoing war?

Facebook’s move is the latest one in the “Short Video Clip War” between Facebook and Twitter. Twitter is still trying to gain traction for Vine, its 6-second-or-less video app. Instagram videos, in contrast, top out at 15 seconds.

Is more better? If so, Instagram wins hands-down over Vine.

Besides the recently added embed feature and the longer length of Instagram videos, it varies in other ways from Vine. for instance, Instagram has filters that can be used, while Vine doesn’t, so you can make skies appear to be unnaturally blue, or skin tones to look tanner than they really are.

Instagram also has a Cinema feature, which helps stabilize video shot within the app. As well, Vine only lets you share to Vine, Facebook, and Twitter, while Instagram lets you share videos to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and foursquare, as well as through email.

The upside to Vine’s Twitter sharing is that the videos display right in your Twitter stream. Adherents of Vine videos also pride themselves in being able to create minor works of art within a very limited time frame, while often deriding Instagram users for taking videos of their feet, varieties of coffee, and pets.

Instagram used to allow the option to share photos directly in Twitter messages, but in December, this option was cut off. This meant that users would have to visit Instagram to see content. The new update of the embed feature will not impact how Instagram content appears on Twitter.

How easy is it to use the embed feature?

It’s extremely easy to use the embed feature which Facebook has added to their Instagram app. Users will see a new “share” button on the right side of Instagram photos and videos. Clicking that button will reveal the content’s embed code, which a user can then copy and paste onto a web site. The only drawback, if it can be called one, is that if a user has their content set to private, embed codes will not be available.

Will Facebook’s new Instagram embed feature be enough to enable it to win the “Short Video Clip War” over Twitter? Please let me know what YOU think about who the ultimate victor will be in the Comments area.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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