Fruitvale Station is a Must See Movie (Video)


Fruitvale Station, a docudrama about the incredible true-life story of Oscar Grant, a young man who was shot and killed on New Year’s Eve 2009 during a chaotic altercation with the police, is a Must See movie.

Actor Michael B. Jordan (The Wire, Friday Night Lights) shines in the role of Oscar Grant, a young man and convicted drug dealer who is trying to turn his life around when he is fatally shot at the Fruitvale train station by a Bay Area transit cop on New Year’s Day 2009.

Writer-director Ryan Coogler’s film is both touching and gut-wrenching. He doesn’t pull any punches in his portrayal of Grant’s life in the final 12 hours prior to his death, and the circumstances that led up to his getting fatally shot in the back of his head.

It’s a nuanced portrayal that doesn’t flinch from depicting all of the sides of Grant’s life, including his stint in jail. and an emotional scene where his mother comes to visit him; but, it also show Grant as being much more than a drug dealer. He’s a young man trying to survive in the world, find love, turn his life around, when he is cut down in a possible case of racial profiling.

What difference do twelve hours make in a person’s life?

Twelve hours can make all the difference in the world to a person’s life. The decisions and actions a person takes in these twelve hours can impact on how someone leads his life, perceives the world and the people around him, embrace love, and how he inexorably meets his ultimate fate.

Ryan Coogler doesn’t indict either Grant nor the transit cops with Fruitvale Station; instead, he shows the circumstances that led up to Grant’s run-in with a a Bay Area transit cop.

As Michael B. Jordan said to MTV News’ Josh Horowitz:

Actors, we wait around for the opportunity to show what you can do. Especially a movie piece that you really care about that you can put your heart into. And for this one, I remember when it happened. I remember watching it and feeling all types of emotions — upset, angry, frustrated, helpless. I felt like I wanted to do something to help.”

Though some critics have claimed that Fruitvale Station turns Oscar Grant into a martyr, I would have to respectfully disagree. Grant, like each of us, was neither a saint nor a sinner, entirely, having a foot in each world and spending most of his life somewhere between these extremes.

Grant was headstrong, unemployed and possibly unemployable. He wasn’t the picture of fidelity, either, in that he cheated on his girlfriend. Melonie Diaz plays her, in a great supporting role. She’s the mother of their four-year-old daughter, Tatiana (Ariana Neal).

Also, in one of the film’s most dramatic an gut-wrenching moments,as I previously mentioned, Grant’s mother (Octavia Spencer) visit s him in prison and confronts him with his wrong-doings. She is ready to turn her back on him because he keeps making what she feels are empty promises.

Octavia Spencer was the perfect choice to play Grant’s mother. she previously won an Oscar for The Help, and she delivers a performance that is full of grace and grit. She’s sure to be a contender for a second Oscar with her performance.

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RT @questlove: Fruitvale Station is THE ONLY film you MUST see this summer.

Ashlee @amacattackkk
fruitvale station yesterday and a verdict today…nope too much emotion for black folk bruh TOO MUCH

P DeGraphenreed@sacredsiriuslov
RT @TheAtlantic: Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, and the profound message of ‘Fruitvale Station’

It isn’t Andre @Andre_Swagassi
But Fruitvale Station was a GREAT MOVIE! Well depicted. RIP Oscar Grant

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Written by: Douglas Cobb

Fruitvale Station Trailer

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