George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty On All Counts


After discussing the details of the George Zimmerman case for over 12 hours, working through meals and only taking a break to eat supper, the all-female jury has come back with an unanimous verdict of Not Guilty on all counts. If George Zimmerman didn’t have a gun with him, when he confronted Trayvon Martin, both men might have walked away from the incident bloodied but still alive.

The laws of Florida, though, are what necessitated the jury to reach their decision. It is perhaps the correct verdict in a legal sense for the jury to have reached, but it is not a verdict that would have been reached in any other state, as their laws are different. Trayvon was not a perfect young man — who is? But, nothing he did, in particular on the night when George Zimmerman fatally shot him, justified that he be shot and killed.

If Zimmerman had only stayed in his car…if Trayvon had only made it to his house, mere seconds away, before Zimmerman had the chance to reach him…there are a million “ifs” in life, but the fact remains that a young man died and that no one is paying for the taking of his life, though Zimmerman will have to live with the knowledge that he was responsible for Trayvon’s death for the rest of his life. There is already signs of outrage about the verdict. Hopefully, the outcome of the trial won’t lead to yet further violence. That is not the way to honor and remember Trayvon Martin’s all-too-brief life. It was a difficult decision for the jury to come to.

They had several doubts about what Zimmerman said were the facts about that tragic night, like who was on top when they fought, how could Zimmerman have gotten his gun out in the position he claimed he was in, if Zimmerman genuinely believed his life was in danger, or if he just killed Trayvon in the heat of the moment; but, in the end, it was unanimous: George Zimmerman was found Not Guilty on all counts.


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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