Hillary Clinton: First Lady to Secretary of State to President?

Hillary Clinton- Secretary of State-Former First Lady- 2016 President?

Will Hillary Rodham Clinton, the former First Lady and Secretary of State, run for President in 2016?  Does Hillary Clinton’s hairstyle really indicate whether she is considering a run for the White House in 2016?  It appears some commentators believe so and are carefully watching her haircuts for a sign of her intentions.  While that may be a clue, a better indication might be her words to a group of women leaders at Bryn Mawr College today.

“To expand what we mean by women’s leadership.  Of course, I and all of you want to see more women as heads of state and government.”  She admitted that statements like these get her into trouble.  While she pressed the point of more women in leadership positions she also stated ‘just having a woman as head of government may or may not change what happens below that woman.”

She further stated to the delegates, “We need more people supporting leaders who themselves are leaders. We need more leaders who will stand against corruption.  We need more leaders who will say no to business as usual, who will wake up each day and say, what can I do to help more people live up to their God-give potential?  We need leaders in every aspect of society.”

Clinton was the keynote speaker at a session of the Women in Public Service Project Institute meeting at the college Tuesday.  She offered words of encouragement and advice.  One of the goals of WPSP is to inspire and encourage women to step up and put themselves on the line to be leaders in their communities and nations.

Clinton founded the WPSP in 2011 to inspire women in countries undergoing political transition or arising from conflict.  Another goal of WPSP is to get more women into public service and, by 2050, to have 50 percent of these service positions held by women.

“In 2052, I will be 103 years-old,’ she said.  Clinton informed the mostly female crowd that she expected to be around and expected to see the success in meeting their goal. She went on to stress the importance of women using fact based data and research, “so that no one can dismiss or doubt the policies or proposals you will be advocating,” she said.

The group of delegates included approximately 50 women from 30 countries taking part in the two-week session.  According to a spokesperson from the college, about 300 members of the local community also attended.

Clinton expressed the importance of building coalitions with people – even those with nothing in common – to break down the walls that divide.

Women in Public Service Project is a new generation of women leaders taking a stand and making their mark in this complicated, difficult, dangerous and threatening world, in order to make it better.

Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, former first lady; will she run for president in 2016?  While she has not confirmed, everyone is watching for signs of her intentions.  While some are watching her hair, others are looking for indications in her speeches; many are hoping that she runs again.

By: Veverly Edwards

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