Jennifer Lawrence on the Freedom of Peeing in the Pool

Jennifer Lawrence of the Freedom of Peeing in the Pool

We all love Jennifer Lawrence and her surprisingly candid interviews and “real” reactions that make her seem like the proverbial “girl next door” who made the big time. Whether she’s freaking out at Jack Nicholson talking to her or joking about how the Oscar changed her, we love to laugh along at her unaffected temperament. But her latest reveal was a little startling. She literally gushed about the freedom of peeing in the pool. Well, in this case it was a big pool, the Pacific Ocean to be exact!

She talked about how she loved filming her scenes in the water with co-star Josh Hutcherson, aka Peeta.

In her second time donning the character of Katniss Everdeen in the second of the Hunger Games trilogy, Jennifer might be back as the hero for the sequel, but she is still her same lovable self off-screen and her interviews show that she hasn’t really let winning the Oscar change who she is.

While geeky and nerdy guys everywhere are taking down their posters of Emma Stone to replace them with Jennifer Lawrence, or favoriting all her funny and (there’s that word again) adorable YouTube videos, She’s still proving why she’s so popular with her growing number of fans.

The 22 year-old actress has been called “adorkable” – at least she was over on – and that is perhaps the main part of her charm. It’s probably also the reason that reporters and presenters fall all over themselves to interview her. Because on top of being an Academy Award winning actress, Lawrence is great at making us feel like she’s one of us. Not too cosmopolitan or sophisticated to enjoy her phenomenal success.

So it was with delight, and not a little surprise, that when Jennifer talked about filming her scenes in the Hawaiian surf with co-star Josh Hutcherson, she focused, not on the work itself, but how much she enjoyed peeing in the pool, or ocean, technically speaking.

According to her nothing beats the feeling of peeing in your costume while working. Sort of a peeing while you work riff, if you catch our drift.

The Hunger Games star spoke of the scenes shot in the Pacific surf off the coast of Hawaii and she maintains that not having to stop to visit the ladies room and get undressed and then have to wash her hands was a definite highlight. Presumably even more of a highlight than those cast parties that she spoke of earlier in Comic Con.

Speaking of her scenes with Hutcherson and their time spent together in the Pacific, She said: “It was so fun, because Josh [Hutcherson] and I could just swim in the water, or like, pee any time you want. Anytime you have to pee you can just run right in the water. It was amazing, because the water was really warm, and Hawaii is great. I love working in the water.”

It was refreshing to us, to hear Jennifer Lawrence speak so candidly of her joy at the freedom of peeing in the pool. We do hope that she only does that sort of thing on set, and in a pool the size of the Pacific Ocean!

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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