Jenny McCarthy Modern-Day Heroine Or Villain? (poll)

Jenny Under Fire

Jenny McCarthy Modern-Day Heroine Or Villain?

The Floodgates have opened on the internet in order to drown out Jenny McCarthy’s voice, and ideas. Granted she is a former playmate, and her looks do not make her appear smarter or credible. She isn’t a doctor and doesn’t a medical background. However she now does have a seat on “The View” and whether you like it or not, she can now share her opinions and world views with a broad audience. Many people reacted with surprise, and even outraged at this new turn of events. Don’t forget you don’t have to watch, the remote can be used, and it is good to have people who question authority. Don’t we all embrace Snowden for blowing the whistle on the US government for spying on everybody? Didn’t we enjoy Wikileaks and every other person who once upon a time stood up and went against the establishment? The Earth has been flat for a long time, right? Until a new theory said it was round. That leaves us with the question is Jenny McCarthy a modern-day villain or actually a heroine?

Jenny the modern-day heroine’s standpoint:

  • The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund pays out oodles of dollars to those who are harmed by vaccinations. Many of those injured have been diagnosed with autism – even if the NVICP would rather title the injury as “Encephalopathy”. Unfortunately if there is a link between vaccines to autism – it will never be proven in a lab. There is too much money at stake. Perhaps the best debate is to reconsider if the existing vaccine schedule is healthy and safe for children. Why should babies be shot up with something to protect them from a sexually transmitted disease at one month old? (okay, oversimplified, you can get Hep B other than from sex… but simply pointing out the ridiculous). I eat organic, make my personal care products from scratch, and avoid putting chemicals in or around my body. Have you seen the ingredient list on a vaccine? No thank you.  I avoid laboratory created chemicals being a part of my environment. Appreciate you being so kind. I don’t disagree with vaccines completely. They can be important. Are they for me? Probably not. My argument is that it might be more productive to consider safety in scheduling them into young person’s first few formative months/years. The current schedule is very aggressive.” According to internet commentator Abbietoeknee 

So Far we have seen: Jenny the heroine’s point of view; lets move on to; McCarthy modern-day villain standpoint:

  • By giving a purveyor of faux science such a prominent platform, ABC could be contributing to serious health problems and the spread of some of the globe’s nastiest diseases, the suppression of which has been a public health success story for the ages. According to the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund, 2.5 million deaths a year are prevented due to vaccinations against just four diseases: diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping-cough) and measles. Small pox was eradicated due to vaccinations, and polio is no longer the threat it once was in the western world.” According to Pat Garofalo for US News&World Report

The Question that remains is what do you think? Is Jenny McCarthy a modern-day villain or an actual heroine?

It’s time to put it to a vote:

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By Georgina Pijttersen

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