Jimmy Kimmel Pranked by Gabourey Sidibe Showing Up as Bride

Gabourey Sidibe Pranks Jimmy Kimmel

Gotta love Gabourey Sidibe! She showed up to Jimmy Kimmel’s wedding as a very special guest in attendance. The fun loving actress showed up wearing a wedding dress, including a veil.

In common practice of the bride walk, Sidibe had a friend hold her extensive train as she walked into the upscale venue holding the wedding. Kimmel took it with his rambunctious humor and shared a laugh with the actress with his new and real bride. Sidibe pulled out all of the stops. All eyes turned to the rumbling black and shiny Escalade limousine that arrived at the front doors. The 30 year old ‘Precious’ star gingerly stepped out and held an umbrella over her head, to shield from the sun.

Kimmel greeted the humor laden actress with a hug and laugh and Sidibe later changed into a beautiful red dress. The 45 year old late night star tied the knot with his lady-love of several years, Molly McNeary. At the end, Sidibe slipped out of bride mode and McNeary picked it up beautifully with a smile for her new husband, Kimmel.

The wedding was a star studded event with around 300 guests, and familiar faces were on the wedding list. Jennifer Aniston, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Howard Stern,  Portia De Rossi with wife Ellen DeGeneres, Emily Blunt and friend John Krasinski. Kimmel and McNeary met on the set of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ as McNeary is one of the two writers for now husband’s late night show. The wedding was held in the cinematic surroundings of The Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, a 90 minute jaunt from Los Angeles.

Kimmel formerly dated comedian Sarah Silverman for many years before they parted amicably. Shortly after, Kimmel and McNeary just “clicked” stated a source close to the couple. Several years later the enamored Kimmel popped the question to McNeary while vacationing at  Kruger National Forest in South Africa in August 2012.

This is a second marriage for Kimmel and a first for McNeary. Kimmel was married from 1988 to 2002 and has two children from that marriage. Kimmel has been a long-time  comedian and it showed when he discussed his upcoming nuptials. He shared prior to the ceremony, “It’ll be mostly a family affair, and there will be a Catholic priest officiating… I’m not that involved with the wedding planning, but I will be there.”

Earlier today the blushing and in love couple celebrated a post-wedding brunch, surrounded by family and friends. Those close to the couple were excited to share in the love they saw between the two lovers, friends and now partners. One eyewitness close to the couple shared, “Jimmy and Molly seemed ecstatic and so happy to see family and friends. Everyone stood around hugging and laughing over cocktails.”

Kimmel and McNeary do not appear as the average Hollywood couple. They are familiar and comfortable with one another, and show a  genuine happiness of being together. There is never a worry about busy schedules, since McNeary is the head writer on Kimmel’s show. There is a clear and happy ring to this newly wed couple. Kimmel and McNeary shared vows among friends and family Saturday.

Sidibe shared laughs and hugs with the happy couple, the trio sharing a easy flowing laugh over the prank pulled for Kimmel. There is no better way outside of comedy, to calm a comedian grooms nerves!

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