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Justin Bieber Just a Wee Drop in the Bucket

Justin Bieber A Wee Drop in the Bucket

If you ever had any doubt about where Justin Bieber fits into society, the recent video of him p****ing into a restaurant mop bucket and committing an act of arrogant vandalism should put it all into perspective for you. Bieber thinks, in his drunken state that he and his “Wild Kidz” are the shizzle. But like his little bit of urinary action in the restaurant cleaning receptacle, he’s just a wee drop in the bucket of life.

TMZ has got exclusive video rights to the sight of Justin Bieber peeing into the bucket used to clean the restaurant floors. They can have it. I’ve watched it and apart from wanting to knock these disrespectful young heads together I knew that I have dealt with young men like these.

These young men, however, were behind bars. Crooks, sickos, thugs, rapists, murderers all around young Justin’s age and just as uncaring about other people and just as quick to think that such a sick stunt is funny.

TMZ says that the video footage was shot in New York City earlier this year. In the clip, we have some unidentified voice saying that the Bieber taking a drunken leak into the bucket is memorable as, “everyone else uses the restroom.”

Yes, that is correct, young man, everyone else who has class and knows that the restroom is not just the place to “do” a few lines.

Bieber then decides to “deface” a picture of Bill Clinton on the wall with cleaner saying, according to TMZ, “F*** Bill Clinton.”

What a class act.

But do we really expect more from the pop star who, allegedly, spat on a neighbour for complaining about his “freeway” speeds in a gated residential area that has small children who used to play in their front yards until this creep moved in?

Not likely. If the little thugish Usher-mentored muppet of the tweenie world spat on myself or other’s who have worn the uniform, no amount of bodyguards, or should we say bigger thugs could have protected him.

In this country, the United Kingdom, that classes as assault, and you do still have the right to protect yourself from further assault, if you catch my drift. A fact that the wee drop of a man, Justin Beiber, remembered when his nerve bucketed and he ran from his other neighbour.

Remember that when the ex NFL player went to have, “a few words,” the little P***er ran off and hid in his house and even his bodyguards didn’t have the “man-hood” to speak to the former football player.

Bieber would fit right in juvenile prison. He even wears his trousers the right way. Well, the right way if he wants to invite other prisoner’s to play bucking bronco with him. Because that is what your pants hanging under your butt means, baby-cakes. It means, that the wearer of the droopy trousers is advertising that his a** is up for grabs.

Still, keeping your pants down low makes it easier to relieve yourself in places other than the public restroom. Why spoil all that fun and not “al-low” yourself and your “Kidz” to be so “Krazy.”

While Bieber’s prepubescent fans may forgive him anything, it appears that on Twitter, at least, some of his fans have not been impressed by this latest escapade. Folks who are not fans literally have filled Twitter with tweets that I cannot publish for reasons of good taste.

That’s not to say that I don’t agree with the sentiment, but good taste prevents me, just like posting the video, from adding more fuel to this lower class, juvenile crime fire.

According to the Huffington Post, the singer’s rep has declined to comment on the video. But this is just another thing to add to his list of thuggish and unacceptable behaviour. Drugs on his tour bus; a stupid message written in the Anne Frank House guestbook; threatening members of the public with his bodyguard; and, of course, speeding through a residential area at “highway” speeds.

Bieber has come out with the typical juvenile delinquent cry of, “I’m a kid, I make mistakes.” No Justin, you are a rich and famous kid, who would have been arrested and thrown behind bars if you weren’t Justin Bieber.

His mother, Pattie Mallette, talking to Fox & Friends referred to her baby Bieber as an “adult child.” Remove the ‘adult’ from that description and you’ll be closer to the truth.

Because as long as Justin Bieber continues to partake in the anti-societal rubbish that is more in common with young criminals, then he is just a wee drop in the bucket of humanity and hopefully his ever dwindling amount of fans will realise that he is nothing special.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom