Justin Bieber Says Sorry to Bill Clinton

Justin Bieber says sorry to Bill Clinton.

Seems like when he is sober, Justin Bieber doesn’t mind admitting his mistakes. Although, his tweeted admission, that he called former American President Bill Clinton to say sorry for his “little prank” that was caught on video, seems to be a sort of “late” damage control effort.

Apparently just hours after the video of Bieber peeing into a restaurant mop bucket and yelling “F*** Bill Clinton” at a photograph of the former US leader went viral. The 19 year-old tear-away thought he should not “burn that bridge” and got onto his Twitter account to let the world, and his fans, know that he’d apologised.

TMZ had exclusive rights to the video, which first showed up on Wednesday this week. The video went immediately viral, because the fans of Bieber think that anything he does is worthy of a adulation and attention. The pre-pubescent fan-base obviously loved the video’s content.

In case you missed it, the video shows Bieber urinating into the mop bucket of an eatery’s kitchen. One of his “crew” exclaims “off-camera” that the place should be honoured and that Bieber is too special to use the restroom like the rest of us mortals.

The same “off-camera” voice, then refers to Bieber’s crew as “Wild Kidz” and as the little darlings run out of the establishment, Justin sprays cleaning liquid over the picture of Bill Clinton and shouts the offending, “F*** Bill Clinton!”

What a card!

According to Bieber’s tweet, he actually did speak to the former president and he thanks him for taking the time to speak with him. The tweet says, “@billclinton thanks for taking the time to talk Mr. President. Your words meant alot. #greatguy.”

According to one source, the ex-president was said to have remarked that he thought that Bieber’s behaviour wasn’t that bad and that he wasn’t insulted. Despite, Clinton’s alleged laid-back attitude, Bieber has yet to apologise to the eatery/nightclub/restaurant whose mop bucket he decided to urinate in.

Presumably the establishment is not considered important enough to apologise to. Of coures we only have Justin Bieber’s tweet to say that he actually spoke to Clinton to say sorry. But at least the singer is attempting to right his lesser of two wrongs committed in the video.

Bieber has also take to his twitter account to say that he is “grateful” for the opportunities he has been given. Opportunities like peeing in a mop bucket for posterity and cursing at a former president?

Justin is still spouting the same drivel that got him booed on Billboard. He tweeted,”In life u will make mistakes and people will try and tear u down…but u gotta stay positive. Stay strong..and learn to be better..and.. always live to serve others and The Lord.”

We’re not too sure how peeing in a mop bucket, terrorising your neighbours, and assaulting the paparazzi fits into serving “the Lord” and “others.” Perhaps he could explain.

We are pretty sure that there is no place in the “Good Book” that says it is beneficial, or serving the “Lord,” to run roughshod over others and bully fans who want to take your picture.

So at least Justin Bieber is smart enough to realise that you need to at least appear to be contrite for your disgusting actions, especially going that extra mile to say sorry to Bill Clinton for verbally abusing his picture. Apparently, Justin has grown up enough to say sorry to the eatery whose mop bucket he “soiled.”

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom