Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge Currently in Early Stages of Labor

Millions wait for birth announcement

Kate Middleton in labor

The Duchess of Cambridge is reported to be in early stages of labor, Kensington Palace has reported. Sources stated husband, Prince William accompanied his wife, Kate Middleton, to St. Mary’s Hospital. The hospital is familiar territory to Prince William; his mother Princess Diana gave birth to him and his brother Prince Harry in the same hospital.

The anticipation of the unborn baby raises the curiosity of the fact that no one has revealed the sex of the baby to the public. The next official announcement, states a spokesperson for the Palace will “likely to be that of the birth.”

The world waits with anticipated breath as the darling Duchess of Cambridge enters into the early stages of birth. Police kept the Duchess and Prince closely secured once they rushed off to the hospital. A top medical team awaited the royal couple’s arrival.

Dr. Marcus Setchell and his assistant Dr. Alan Farthing have both worked with the Queen on health matters. It only seemed fitting for the team to be involved in the royal birth. The Duchess will be giving birth in the private Lindo wing. Royal spokesman Peter Hunt said the Duchess was a week late in her expected delivery date.

That is not a surprising announcement, most often labor during first pregnancies can be lengthy and mothers can experience delayed delivery dates. Kate Middleton is the Duchess of Cambridge, but millions of women bond with her on a very maternal level during her stages of labor.

It is never an easy task to bring life into this world, but having the unconditional support of your husband is everything. At this time, Prince William stands with his wife and in that moment, their world closes as they work together to welcome their unborn child into this world, as a royal.

The Prince took a leave of absence from his position as a pilot for RAF search and research. More than likely, the next time the public will get a glimpse of the couple is when they leave the hospital, before security ushers them and their tiny, new addition into the car and off to the castle.

Kate Middleton, has carved a special place in millions of hearts across the globe. Her beautiful genuine smiles and love for her husband is always present, and her class is untouchable. There are millions of positive thoughts for the Duchess and her husband, Prince William as they enter this new chapter in their lives.

Twitter has come alive sending well wishes to the royal couple, even the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, sent a well wished tweet to the young couple, “”My thoughts and prayers are with Kate and the whole family on this enormously special day.”

The world waits as Duchess Kate Middleton,  and Prince William remain behind the walls of St. Mary’s Hospital, as they too wait with anticipated breath. The early stages of labor are sometimes the hardest as mothers count their contractions and prepare themselves for labor. This is an exciting, painful and a surrealistic time. The next announcement should advise of the birth and sex of the new royal addition.

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