Kate Upton Wins AskMen Bombshell Survey but Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stones are Every Mans Dream

Kate Upton wins bombshell award but loses to Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone

With the delectable Kate Upton being all over the internet at the moment with her latest pictures from far off Namibia in the desert, it seems like a good time to release part of the AskMan Survey. Kate has been tweeting a few “candid” pictures of herself hanging out on her mystery location in the desert while she “suits up” with her latest clothing partner Choppers.

Kate got onto her Twitter to say how much she liked Namibia and tweeted, “I don’t want to leave :(”

But enough of Kate Upton in the desert, lets look at how she did in the annual AskMen’s Great Male Survey!

According to omg.yahoo.com when men were asked what type of female most men wanted to date, the category of bombshell won by a landslide. At 41 percent (rounded up) no other category came close. And in case you’re interested the other categories were: Comedienne, Indie Film Star, Award Winner, and Strong Personality.

Really? Indie Film Star? Where did that “archetypical” female category come from? But, back to the survey.

It looks like Kate Upton is the clear winner here. If you look up bombshell in the dictionary, you won’t find Kate Upton’s picture there or even her name, but if you look on the internet; in a magazine, or turn on your telly, you’ll see the lovely all-natural Kate Upton!

Whether she’s making a YouTube video go viral by dancing in a bikini, or at a ball game or sitting bareback on a horse bareback and front herself, this young lady is a definite bombshell and most definitely falls in the realm of fantasy for most fellas.

But what is interesting the next question on the survey. Men were asked which celebrity would me like their girlfriend to be like. The answers were pretty fascinating. Out of a choice of: Kate Upton; Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence; Tina Fey: or Kerry Washington, it was a close win by Jennifer Lawrence who just squeaked past Emma Stone by one percent.

In case you’re interested, Emma Stone got 31 percent and Lawrence got 32 percent. So Kate Upton is the clear winner in the AskMen Survey as bombshell, she’s not the overall winner though you can see.

But what was surprising was men’s clear preference for the milder, more “girl-next-door” type in their romantic lives. When asked which celebrity men would want their girlfriend to be more like, media darlings Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence both beat out Kate Upton.

It’s apparently a throwback to the olden days when your daddy told you that there were some girls it was okay to bring home to meet your mother and others that were not. Kate Upton, who lost to Stone and Lawrence by eight and nine percent respectively must just fall into that zone of “don’t take home to mama.”

Blond bombshell she may be with loads of all natural talent and dance moves that could embarrass the male watcher, but men apparently see both 24 year-old Emma and 22 year-old Jennifer as being more approachable.

It probably helps both that both Emma and Jennifer specialise in playing “girls next door” and do look like the kind of old fashioned girl that you do want to take home to mama and Kate Upton looks like sex on two legs. Which we don’t believe is a minus!

So according to AskMen, at any rate, Kate Upton wins in the bombshell category in their survey, but Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone are actually every man’s dream.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom