Lindsay Lohan Lockdown Birthday

Lindsay Lohan Lockdown Birthday

Lindsay Lohan is is celebrating her birthday today by being on lockdown in her new Cliffside rehab center. The not-so little LiLo is 27 years-old today and for her “sins” she’s left celebrating it with her lawyer Shawn Holley.

One can only wonder if Lindsay’s move to Cliffside was all that she thought it was going to be. After her desperate move from the Betty Ford Center because of her “need” for the ADHD medication that she claimed she still needed, she appears to have leapt from the frying pan, into the fire.

Lohan had attempted to make plans to go out for a birthday bash with some friends at a restaurant. But sources close to the Parent Trap star have said that was nixed by the rehab clinic.

We don’t know about the Betty Ford clinic, but the same sources have told TMZ that Lindsay’s new rehab clinic, Cliffside, also said no to the birthday girl getting her friends into visit her on her “special day.” At her new clinic, visiting days are on Sunday’s, which seems pretty harsh. Even prisons have visiting days on the whole weekend, at least they do in the United Kingdom.

Presumably, even though it’s her birthday Lindsay Lohan is pretty cool with the lockdown order, at least part of her seems to be, as she’s reportedly terrified that she’s going to go off on another drugs bender when she gets out.

A source close to the birthday girl has said that she plans to go deep into hiding after she gets out of rehab in August. Apparently Lindsay feels that is the only way that she can remain sober.

Reportedly Lindsay says that she’s now understood that she is powerless in fighting off her addiction. She’s said that New York and Los Angeles only “feed her demons” so she wants to avoid both cities when she gets out.

With Lindsay due to leave her newest rehab clinic, Cliffside, in August, the news that she wants to move to “anywhere” USA that isn’t LA or NY. She wants to “get back in touch with her true self.” It might just work. Sources who are connected with her treatment plan say that the 12 step program is working.

But the same sources have revealed that LiLo is terrified of relapsing.

But it’s still a long way from the first part of August and Lohan has something else on her mind today. While she can’t go out for her birthday, she does still have one little ray of hope in the area of birthday visitors.

It seems that certain people can visit patients outside of Sunday visiting hours. A source has said that Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Holly, the “only person that Lohan trusts” is on her way to the Cliffside Malibu rehab clinic to help the lonely star celebrate her 27th birthday.

It is a little ironic. If Lindsay Lohan had stayed at the Betty Ford Center, her birthday lockdown wouldn’t have been quite so bad, at least she would have had Brooke Mueller (who just wanted to be her friend) to celebrate with and we’re sure that Brooke would have helped LiLo blow out the candles on the cake, all 27 of them.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom