Lindsay Lohan Not Disappearing After Rehab Release

Lindsay Lohan Not Disappearing After Rehab

It wasn’t that long ago that the world’s media reported that Lindsay Lohan’s plans were to disappear after completing her 90 day court enforced rehab. Fans of LiLo believed that the addictive prone star was going to get her life together by keeping her head down and out of the clouds of drugs that got her into so much trouble. But it’s looking pretty obvious that the 27 year-old star will not be disappearing after all.

The news of Lindsay doing an exclusive interview with the queen of television, Oprah Winfrey – as well as an eight part documentary – added to her guest-hosting the talk show Chelsea Lately looks the complete opposite of disappearing. It’s starting to look like her plans have been scuttled before she’s even spent one full day out of rehab.

But while Lindsay’s plans to lie low appear to have been sabotaged, it does look like she’ll be working hard at staying sober and out of trouble. The Parent Trap and The Canyons star will be staying with a “sober coach,” as ordered by the court as well as having to attend weekly therapy sessions.

Apparently the freshly released Lindsay will be staying with the sober coach for the next few days in Los Angeles until she moves to New York City. A source spoke to TMZ and said that Lohan said she, “feels she needs a transition period before re-entering the free world.”

So it looks as though the fading into temporary obscurity is off the menu for Ms Lohan. Lindsay’s not disappearing after her rehab release and it is probably a good thing that she isn’t. But it would have been difficult for the star to perform her Harry Houdini impression even without the Oprah Winfrey interview and her Chelsea Lately stand-in job.

The very nature of her job means that she must spend a certain amount of time in public.

Lohan started her mandatory rehabilitation sentence at the Betty Ford Centre May this year. Almost immediately upon her arrival, she kicked up a storm about not being allowed her Adderall for her ADHD. Her argument was that she needed it and the folks at Betty Ford weren’t falling for it. Since Adderall is really for juveniles, which Lohan hasn’t been for sometime now, and it is an addictive substance.

She did manage to get transferred to the Cliffside Malibu rehab unit and once there she’s managed to keep a fairly low profile.

Lindsay was spotted leaving the Cliffside Malibu on Tuesday wearing a big smile. She wasted no time getting in touch with her many fans via the social media site Twitter. She tweeted:

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 22.30.16

If you click on the link in the tweet it takes you to the Spotted Friend website which states: everyone has their own style. follow one [sic] at the bottom of the web page it states that Spotted Friend is “A Fima Potik & Lindsay Lohan Production.”

If you click on the “follow one” sentence you’ll be invited to register for, “the only way to shop,” and after you’ve done that, another pop-up appears that says, “Thanks for registering! we will contact you soon.”

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a confirmation email though.

Lindsay hasn’t tweeted about her interview yet, nor has she tweeted about her upcoming stint at Chelsea Lately or about her premiere for The Canyons on August 28.

So apparently Lindsay Lohan will not be disappearing, as so recently reported. But it does look like she’s going to be very busy after her rehab release. We hope that she succeeds in keeping out of trouble.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom