Lindsay Lohan Nude in the New the Canyons Trailer (Video)

Lindsay Lohan nude in her The Canyons trailer.

In Lindsay Lohan’s latest film, she goes straight for the sleaze factor and shows it all off in an erotic noir-thriller with sex as its main theme. In the trailer for The Canyons, Lohan goes nude and it looks as those the medically addicted Lohan has had some “enhancements.”

If you compare photographs of Lohan’s nude appearance in the 2010 film Machete, she has quite a lot of “droop” for a younger gal, which is to be expected when the breast’s are large. But in the her latest film, they seem to be a tad bigger and the droop factor has been (pardon the pun) cut down rather noticeably.

Still, it’s not all about Lindsay Lohan’s bare bod. It is more about the type of film that she opted to make, before her rehab sentence. She obviously decided to go for the film while “under the influence.”

The trailer for the film, gets straight to the point and says that erotic noir elements aside, it’s all about the sex and certain voyeuristic scenes of the rich and “beautiful” people having sex in front of a camera phone.

The film is directed by Paul Schrader. The Canyons was penned by Bret Easton Ellis and the producer was Braxton Pope. ‘Canyons’ is set in LA and stars Lindsay Lohan and the porn actor James Deen. The story revolves around an intent interest on youth, fame, money, voyeurism and video.

Schrader made the 1980 film American Gigolo, which starred Richard Gere and Lauren Hutton in a rather tame excursion to the world of paid sex. The Canyons appears to be a hasher look at the world of affairs between the rich and surgically enhanced beautiful people.

It has been reported that the 27 year-old Lohan made the film for a wage of $100 per day. The small amount of money combined with the amount of sex promised in the film, seems to indicate that not only was this voyeuristic film low budget, but Lindsay has lowered her standards to take part in her first soft porn film.

The film had some production problems with the finished product being too long (at one hour and 44 minutes); too slow and dragging in pace. Steven Soderbergh offered to re-cut the film in 72 hours and Schrader declined saying, “It would take him [Soderbergh] 72 hours to watch all the film.”

Sean Brosnan had been considered for the role that eventually went to Deen. It seems that they wanted someone more “unexpected.” Ellis advocated using the porn actor James Deen and despite his initial reluctance, Schrader agreed after seeing Deen’s screen test. It was then that Schrader became interested in how the two leads would interact, Lohan and Deen, and he decided to cast the porn actor in the role of Christian.

The film is slated for an August 9, 2013 release in theatres, but will be available on all VOD sites on August 2, 2013.

Lindsay Lohan’s career has been on “self-destruct” for some time now. This could be the nail in the coffin of her acting career, or it could be seen as an edgy and calculated choice by the troubled actress to prove that she really can act, with or without clothes.

Unfortunately, Lindsay Lohan appearing nude in The Canyons trailer doesn’t seem edgy or challenging. It is just a bit sad and feels a bit “desperate.” At least in Machete, she had strategically placed hair over her boobs and her overall nudity was brief. Watch the video of the trailer below and see if you think Lindsay has reached “rock-bottom” in her career.

Editors Note: Video Removed

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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