LinkedIn Launches Ads in News Feed

Sponsored ads begin today

Linkedin launches ads

Let the professional world sigh with frustration. In a move to boost advertising power, LinkedIn is joining Twitter and Facebook, by incorporating what they call “sponsored ads” on the home page news feed. This launch is taking place immediately.

LinkedIn has over 225 million subscribers and users can now “like,” comment or even share the ad within their groups and statuses. Product manager of LinkedIn, Gyanda Sachdeva delivered the news via a blog post, advising, “We are focused on delivering posts that will be relevant to you. Just like other content in your feed, we will gauge your engagement with Sponsored Updates and aim to surface posts that will be useful to you.”

Reportedly, per ‘CNET’ the social media giant has been testing the waters over the past six months with larger corporations such as Nissan, Adobe and Xerox. The launch of the sponsored ads will not be designated specifically to laptops or PCs, it will also appear for mobile users – so watch that data usage!

Per Sachdeva’s words the ads displaying in your specific news feed will only be those considered relevant. Unlike the option in Facebook to remove the ads from your feed, LinkedIn will not have this option. It’s more of a “we’re here and not going anywhere” move. Comments from subscribers of the largest professional social media platform seem varied.

Some users don’t mind the ads as long as the standard membership remains free of costs. Others proclaimed dismay about the launch and the frustration of moving from Facebook to LinkedIn, because of its professional appearance and lack of ads. LinkedIn held a conference mid-June, where rumors of the ads were spoken, it would help generate income for the platform, without compromising usage, LinkedIn claimed.

For companies, this is a goldmine. Facebook is more your complete source of social media ‘bar-like’ banter. Less professional conversations and connections occur on the largest and publicly owned domain. Many professionals turned to LinkedIn as a way to avoid spammy profiles and connect only with those they know.

Now, companies can launch their products to LinkedIn’s professional base, and while many users will be annoyed by the flashes of ads, thousands more will actually be clicking the ads to take advantage of a much needed service.

This service will assist the over 3 million registered LinkedIn companies. They can run the sponsored ads to those connected to their profile, extending an advertising method to possibly higher-income customers. There are many high-profile companies who have already signed up for the ad release. If you are connected to Allstate Insurance, General Electric, Mercedes-Benz, Xerox and Charles Swab & Company, expect to see sponsored ads on your home page news feed, as early as today.

Advertising on a social media network works which is why LinkedIn is now stepping into the arena. It provides a way to pay the bills, employees and demonstrates an advanced ability to their company subscribers. Understandably, many will be upset about LinkedIn launching ads, but it shouldn’t be surprising. They are following a common strategy that is successful for Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Angelina Bouc

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