Logan’s Heroes: How One Community Gathered to Make a Difference

Logan's Heroes
Meet Logan. He loves baseball, loves to laugh and loves his friends. It is Logan’s community that has gathered after the 9-year-old was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma  brain cancer in May. This moment of gathering has made a difference for Logan’s family, who has taken days off from work to take the courageous youngster to his daily radiation treatments.

Logan's Heroes

Enter Jacob Tepper and Sam Gioia, Logan’s best friends. The young men were hit with sadness upon hearing the news of their buddy’s diagnosis. Instead of allowing sadness to win, the boys became determined to show Logan the community support and love he deserved. Logan’s Heroes was born.

Two boys gathered a community and made a difference across the nation. With the help of their committed parents, development and time went into a website to take donations and teach the nation more about Logan’s path. A link to that site can be found below.

The young family never saw the illness coming. Logan – up until his diagnosis – was a normal, healthy and happy little boy. The family, as can be imagined, was hit hard emotionally, mentally and financially. The community website states, “As much as we wish it were possible, we cannot speed Logan’s recovery.  What we can do is bring a smile with thoughtful gifts and cards, and we can bring financial relief.”

Mothers Irene Tepper and Joanna Gioia took a moment to reflect on the path their sons have taken on. Gioia stated “[Logan] could be any one of our own children. Our children have so many questions to how to handle cancer with their friend.”

Gioia shares a real concern. Much too often, parents sit back and enjoy the lives of their child’s happiness and tribulation but are never fully prepared for such world changing announcements, such as a young friend diagnosed with cancer. Gioia hopes that, with Logan’s Heroes, children can now understand not to be scared but, instead, to reach out and help one another.

Tepper agrees and shares, “I received a phone call from a police officer and he expressed how ‘taken aback’ he was by the mission of two 9-year-old boys.” She has been an advocate of helping Logan’s family with young Jacob. Jacob and Sam decided to create a front yard event consisting of a bake sale and bike car wash. One share of the event on Facebook made it an instant event to attend. The boys had set a goal of $50 from their endeavor.

The dynamic duo’s story exploded and the front yard sale expanded into a local Metropark picnic area to hold the amount of people who showed up for a $1 bike wash and tasty treats. Residents from near and far, touched by Logan’s story, donated money and baked goods and showed up to offer their support. The $50 target was far surpassed, as the boys were able to turn over $4,600 to Logan’s family.

The momentum spurred local WEWS Channel 5 to interview young Jacob and partner Sam. Taking time from their summer vacation to support their best friend seemed natural. The busy pair talked with Guardian Express.

Jacob shared that he and Logan were “science partners,” and one day Logan didn’t show up. One day turned into several days and Jacob’s mom took him aside to explain Logan’s diagnosis. Jacob confided how he felt. “It wasn’t fair he had to suffer so hard.” he said. Best friend Sam agreed. “When my mom told me, I was very sad. Logan had to battle this and it’s just so huge.”

Two events are approaching to support Logan and his family, while the brave and much loved straight-A student remains in the hospital. The community is gathering for the events and 100 percent of the proceeds will be given to the family:

  • Summer Camp Kids Car Wash for Logan’s family
    August 2nd 11am-3pm  at the North Olmsted Recreation Center 26000 Lorain Rd North Olmsted, Ohio 44070
  • August 18th 4pm Logan’s Heroes Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction at Journey Community Church Fairview Park, Ohio 44126

The participating families are giving Logan’s family peace and asking those who wish to join in the league of Logan’s Heroes to visit the site for more information.  Two 9-year-old boys took the reigns after being told their best friend was diagnosed with cancer. By showing their love and unselfish attention to bringing Logan happiness, they have created a movement in Ohio and beyond. Gioia says that support for Logan, “exploded overnight” and family, friends, the community and beyond are contacting them to keep the momentum going until Logan is healthy and back home.

A community gathered together to make a difference on a national scale. Logan’s Heroes continues to grow. Jacob and Sam want to do so much more for their best friend,so he may rejoin them to play games on the iPod, shoot hoops and, of course, go back to playing baseball; Logan’s favorite sport. Sam states, “We want to help Logan. He will always be the same person.” Jacob finishes, “we did this because he’s our friend.” Such sweet simplicity has lead to the greatest heroic path in Northeast Ohio.

Angelina Bouc

Source: Logan’s Heroes – click this link for more information and to donate to Logan’s Heroes

Credit to image: Irene Tepper

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