Metallica at Comic-Con 2013 (Video)


On Friday, aka Metallica Day at Comic-Con 2013, the metal legends premiered a video trailer of their upcoming movie, Metallica Through the Never, later performing a 90-minute rocking metal concert at at San Diego’s Spreckels Theatre for an enthusiastic audience of their fans, filled with songs from several of their hit albums.

The plot of Metallica Through the Never, involves a roadie (Dane DeHaan) who gets caught up in a battle between angry rioters and a police force while Metallica perform on top of a gigantic stage at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. He’s sent on a mission to recover a broken-down truck and a secret package by the band during a concert. What he finds along the way is completely unexpected.

According to DeHaan:

I don’t actually talk in the movie at all,” DeHaan said. “So much crazy s— happens in the movie it took me 10 times reading it till I had any kind of semblance of what happens in the movie.”

It’s definitely not your average concert film, as it includes a satisfying and very cool plot, narrative structure, and has an apocalyptic vision of the future. For fans of Metallica this movie will be a Must See.

Metallica’s lead singer, James Hetfield, in addressing the Comic-Con panel on Friday said of the movie:

The film itself is multilayered. It’s not blatant. It doesn’t tell you what it’s supposed to be. Hopefully you can see it more than once and see something different every time. And not just a week later, but a couple years later.”

The IMAX 3D film, which is directed by Nimród Antal, will first come out on September 27th and then will be in wide release on October 4th –mark your calendars!


What was the Metallica concert on Friday like?

The concert that Metallica gave after their appearance at Comic-Con 2013 was kick-ass, to put it mildly. The heavy metal legends rocked through a 90-minute performance at San Diego’s historic Spreckels Theatre.

James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammet, and Robert Trujillo ended their long day of being interviewed, speaking at Comic-Con and promoting their film, Metallica Through the Never, by treating a crowd of just 1,463 very lucky fans to the concert event of their lives.

Early on in the concert, Hetfield made mention of their movie:

You see the trailer? You wanna see the whole thing? Yeah, so do we.”

Metallica hit the stage just before 11:00 p.m.

“The world just turned upside down,” drummer Lars Ulrich said. Fans raised devil’s horns and shouted after the band took the stage.

Fans were treated to a 13-song set that was composed mostly of music up through the Black Album, the rocking metal music that propelled them into selling millions of albums and becoming international super stars.

The set opener was ”Creeping Death.” They also performed “Welcome Home (Sanitarium),” “One,” “Blackened,” “Enter Sandman,” and of course, “Master of Puppets.”

Between songs, Hammet referenced the Comic-Con setting by playing a few bars of the “Imperial March.” This lead into the Star Wars theme itself. During the encore, Ulrich and Hammet briefly switched instruments. Hammet pounded on the drums, beating out a rudimentary rhythm and Ulrich, on guitar, played a version of the “Am I Evil” riff.

About halfway through the set, Hetfield growled to the audience:

Do you like your music heavy? That’s a stupid question. Do you want it heavy? You know Metallica gives you heavy, baby!”

Their encore was “Last Caress” and “Seek and Destroy” (the only song off Kill ‘Em All that they did).

After three decades, Metallica is still as heavy, loud, and relentless as any band today. They’ve been through a lot during their long career, but they demonstrated during the concert that they still love what they do best — performing live to enthusiastic crowds.

Metallica at Comic-Con 2013 proved that they are still rock gods. Check out the video below to see the video trailer from Metllica Through the Never!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

Metallica Through the Never video trailer from Comic-Con 2013

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