North Carolina Adds Itself to the Boycott List


A question must be addressed to the women of the United States, and the men who love them.  Why are you allowing men in several states to tell you what you can or cannot do with your own bodies?  North Carolina is about to add itself to the list of states that should be boycotted.

If I was a woman who lived in Texas, North Carolina, and other so called ‘red states,’ that support the elimination of legal abortion, I would move.  Why live in a state that hates women?

Wednesday, the North Carolina state senate passed an offensive anti-abortion bill 29-12.  Following Texas’ example, they are attacking abortion clinics, forcing them to change the way they operate, and forcing expenditures of funds they simply don’t have.

In typical ‘politicaleze,’ proponents claim that they are concerned with the safety and health of the state’s women.  That is a blatant lie.  These men are attempting to eliminate any and all abortions in the state.

Recent revelations regarding the loss of American freedom prove that our government wants to run the country ‘their way,’ not according to the wishes of its people.  The first step towards dictatorship is the elimination of personal freedom, personal choice, and privacy.  Our government is well on its way.

Abortion should not be labeled as a ‘hot button’ issue.  The reality is that none of the men who want to pass legislation eliminating abortion give a single damn about the unborn child.  They want the laws passed to please the organizations which put money in their campaign chests.

The privilege of being an American is free thought, free speech, and free choice.  Everyone is allowed an opinion on any subject, but no one has the right to force that opinion on anyone else.  A group of men are taking control of women’s bodies.  They lack the understanding and tumult that a woman entertains as she considers the elimination of a pregnancy.  As one former senator said, “no man should be allowed to vote on, or make a decision, regarding abortion.”

The United States is becoming a third world nation at a rapid pace.  We are becoming a nation of ‘have’ and ‘have-nots,’ and few seem to notice.  Our government is moving towards a totalitarian form of rule.  And the misnamed ‘patriot act’ ensured their movement would be successful.

The ‘patriot act’ was meant to expire after two years.  Passed almost immediately after “911,” it was intended to help the United States capture and punish the perpetrators of a cowardly attack.  Bush renewed it, and Obama followed suit in 2011.  It is the basis for loss of privacy in America.

Passing abortion restrictions is tantamount to creating a ‘religious state.’  It is not a legal issue; it is based on religion and dictated by the ministers of churches.

The Constitution of the United States is becoming a defunct document.  The intent of our founding fathers when they debated, argued, and carefully penned our nation’s law has been dismissed in favor of politics.

When either political party claims that an issue is ‘unconstitutional,’ I break into laughter.  They only use that old claim when it is to their benefit.

Today is the 4th of July.  300 million people are celebrating their independence.  If only that were true.

You are not free if you work for a living.  You are not free if you are a member of the LGBT community, (but, that is on its way, I hope).  You are not free if you are one of the 11 million residents who are in limbo regarding their future.  And, you are not free if you are a woman living in a ‘red’ state.

There is a phony slogan adopted by a new political party that means nothing when they say it, because they are the largest offenders in attempting to negate our freedoms.  But, the people of the United States have a rightful and meaningful use for it.  “We want our country back.”

Meanwhile, North Carolina has added itself to the list of states which should be boycotted or vacated by women.  It’s obvious they don’t want them there anyway.

Alfred James reporting


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