Only in South Africa, Another Zuma Cabinet Reshuffle


jacob zumaSouth Africa – The current Zuma government cabinet reshuffle is a political survivor move, nothing more and nothing less. President Zuma has outraged the public again, who by public opinion is known for nepotism, cronyism, incompetence and a history of corruption.

The Democratic Alliance (DA), the opposition party to the ANC said this move proves he does not practice good governance. They said this reshuffle is symbolic of a president who lacks the leadership needed to deliver his government’s promises. The axing of three ministers in the reshuffle and replacement with members who will in all probability liken the success of Zuma more than their own. The only minister who is seen as a decent move is the removal of communications minister Dina Pule and the DA welcomed her removal.

This reshuffle should have been an opportunity for the Zuma administration to eliminate poor government performance, and replace incompetent poor performing ministers with diligent and trustworthy ones.

The reshuffle is seen as a political plot to further his support for the upcoming 2014 national elections. At this stage, Zuma will attempt to increase his chances of remaining popular by delving into unusual practices, and will certainly try to sell himself to the voters.

The DA is determined to remain committed to moving forward with a motion of ‘no confidence’ in Zuma. The majority of people have now realized that when Zuma speaks, he spews out one lie after another. His actions are never seen as a good move on behalf of the country, and the Zuma support structure appears to be falling apart on a daily basis.

Many of the replacements do not represent a vote of confidence from the public. Zuma did not use this reshuffle to get rid of the dead wood; instead, he is succeeding in bringing in under achievers with a lower IQ than the average cabinet ministers.

Of course, Zuma in his address to the media said, “twenty years of democracy have changed the face of the country. And the last five years have pushed that change forward.” He added, “The achievements are due to the hard work of many of our public figures.” Well that is from the man who seldom tells the truth, and the only truth in that statement is the fact that the country has changed. Nevertheless, he did not think for a moment of how this change will actually influence society. Instead of addressing the urgent issues, he goes along and plays the power game.

The reshuffle of the Zuma government could indicate how the president will play the game in the upcoming elections next year. This cabinet reshuffle may well be the beginning of many more unexpected surprises leading up to the 2014 national elections. According to Mac Maharaj, president Zuma uses his prerogative when appointing cabinet ministers and does not need to give reasons.

On that statement, we will remain the opinion makers and state that the public is once again limited to information from the Zuma administration. This is the fourth cabinet reshuffle since Zuma became president of South Africa in 2009.

Written by Laura Oneale

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